The last post must’ve burned Kostis’s ears, because here we are with more photos and concepts he just shared with us! And we are far from complaining, nothing beats seeing his emails with attachments waiting to be opened! So, let’s recap. The Future Circus, as you probably know by now, is a huge project with many people who are involved in both the planning and the execution. We’re mixing our in-house experts with external collaborators, and watching it all come together in the last months has been a real experience! It’s also been a handful, we won’t lie, but hey, no pain no gain, right?

Teamwork is in the core of everything, from sketching to building to panicking about deadlines. Transparency is our middle name, and no big project ever goes without a glitch, so we are sharing the good with the bad. But if there’s one thing that keeps everyone’s mood up then it has to be the group of experts all working together tirelessly. It really (really really) makes everything faster, better and way more fun! Especially when we hit the creative jackpot with Kostis, whose sketches look so alive!

So, what’s new? Well, if you read the title of this post again, the announcement part might raise an eyebrow. No, it’s not a hook for you to read the whole article to find out what that’s all about. No dramatic pauses this time. The newest and most important addition we’ve included in the Future Circus project is the creation of a new dorm-bed concept. Perfect Dorm is what we’re naming it, and we went the distance to keep that promise. Literally. Four of our team members spent Thursday all the way in the west, where we were closer to The Netherlands than to Berlin. But more about that next week. Let’s pace ourselves, shall we?

The reason we went to the other corner of Germany in this arctic weather (real feel is the real deal, don’t care what the actual temperature is) was to visit our carpenter partner who has just completed the first bunk bed we’ll be bringing into The Circus Hostel this year. We’ll share more stuff next week, when the camera has thawed and we’ve saved the footage from the cold. But we will give away some teasers, because we just can’t keep it to ourselves.
Another thing that’s really important to mention is that this year we are dedicating all improvements and innovations to you. From beds to wardrobes, bathrooms to mirrors, lockers to the elevator, nothing escapes your reviews, so why should it escape change? We’d like to show all of you that sleeping in hostels doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort. Or quality. Not at The Circus. The concept of staying in hostels is being revolutionized and we’re in the front lines catching that wave with our best surf boards. Unless the wave freezes over. Because everything is freezing these days…

In short, we wanted to base the changes and improvements on everything you’ve shared with us. From praises to complaints, we’ve put it all together and took it to our carpenter. Andreas Rüter is his name, and with two existing Andreas’s in The Circus founders team, it’s been a real struggle with sending the right stuff to the right Andreas. Don’t you just love the irony of life sometimes? Here’s a teaser from next week’s big news.

Ironic or not, it’s working, and we’re reaching that point of wondering whether we really want this project to end. Luckily we’ve still got a way to go, so that concern is still a long time away. Besides, anyone who’s been following us for the last 20 years knows that The Circus never sleeps, and with us, finishing one projects only means planning the next! So hold tight and enjoy the ride!