What started in November of last year and will stretch into a good part of this year is the biggest improvement project we’ve ever done. Size wise, investment wise, innovation wise, we really went all out! And despite the freezing weather, March will be action month at The Circus, and we’re giving you an exclusive peek behind the scenes, where all the work is done and the sweat is real! From design concepts to execution, we’re giving you the raw unfiltered material, because at The Circus – it’s all about transparency. We’re even letting you in on our secret brainstorm session!

And if you know us you know we’re big on collaboration. From Berlin tours we support to restaurant recommendations, we believe team work is the best and fastest way to grow. Not to mention all the amazing friends we’ve made over the years! So why change a good thing? Christmas feels like ages ago and it’s time to welcome spring in style!

What this means is that Phase Two of Future Circus has officially begun. And we’re bringing you in on the ride. First, we asked Kostis to give us more than just words as a preview of what’s to come. But we didn’t want to reveal everything either, that’s no fun! So we went with the golden middle. Every great design starts with a sketch, so what better way to give you a preview without ruining the surprise!

Let us explain. If you’re an experienced traveler you know that sharing your room with people you don’t know can be two-sided. On one hand, it’s great to meet new people, learn about new cultures, hear unknown languages. On the other, it can be loud and crowded, and you might start missing the privacy of your own bed. Genius is usually much simpler than you’d expect, and this is no exception. It’s as simple as it gets, yet caters to all needs effortlessly! We don’t know what we like more: The snugness of the bed or the convenience of the night table. It’s spot on and we can’t wait to see it come to life!

The creativity of everyone involved is responsible for the design, but contrary to what you might think, the original idea actually came from you, our guests. Like with the showers, we scrolled through all of the reviews you leave us. No, they don’t go to Spam folders, they are in front of us daily and do not go unnoticed! We looked for patterns to apply to our existing concept ideas. And like with the bathrooms, the goal is to bring your experience with The Circus to the next level! With beds on the way, next up on the agenda was a piece that was fueled by suggestions of the lady guest we welcomed over the years.

What could the ladies want, you ask? Some hostels differentiate female from male dorms if only for the different expectations they have of their ideal accommodation. Simply put: It’s all about the mirrors. Yes, girls need mirrors as tall as they are and hair dryers in every corner. Roll your eyes all you want, but you’ll thank us when that gorgeous roommate you’re sharing the dorm with goes out for the night looking like she just stepped off a red carpet! So, mirrors anyone?
And it doesn’t end there. Chairs, tables, lamps and hanging units, you name it, it’s in the making! Kostis is definitely back and the steam is on full power! What’s coming up is all this, but in 3D. Get your popcorn ready, the Concept Room is being built as we speak, and you just might be the lucky guest who gets to try it out first. All you have to do is guess the date. Dare to take that risk?

As Denis Waitley once said: “There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing”. Well put Denis, well put!