Spring is officially in full blow and as we admire the yearly onset of stunning cherry blossoms all around us, we can’t help but reminisce. This time last year, we were kicking off the biggest renovation project The Circus Hotel has been a part of and rolling out The Berlin Writing Prize contest. The Hostel was freshly done with a makeover and fully equipped with The Perfect Dorm customized bunk beds. Views from The Circus Apartments were literally blossoming and days were finally getting longer.

This year, however, we are welcoming spring in a very different way. What is usually a time when we are fully booked, Commonground has a regular line for brunch and we are checking guests in and out around the clock has, in the last weeks, The Circus has turned rather quiet and still. As travel bans and lockdowns are making sure we all stay put, we would like to take a moment to reflect on this time of silence and address the challenges we have experienced at The Circus so far.

Let us begin by acknowledging just how many are suffering in this time of insecurity and uncertainty. Nobody is spared, and as a part of the travel industry, we are experiencing firsthand the major setbacks, just like the majority of hotels across the world. It has not been easy, and it is still not easy as we write this. But if there’s one lesson we’ve learned throughout this time, it is the value of community. We’ve kept people in the core of our business for over 20 years, and we would love to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the people who have been with us and will stay with us in the future, no matter how challenging it gets. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Over 20 years ago, 5 friends sat down together and decided to create an accommodation concept that would bring travelers more than just a bed to sleep in when traveling. They wanted to create an experience and show their guests Berlin as they know and love it. Today, that same idea of hospitality is still our driving force, and we are working hard to keep all of its parts together. So here are a few measures we are taking to make this difficult time at least a little easier.

  • We are keeping all of our staff

With workloads dropping dramatically and most people either working from home or not at all, we wanted to do our best to keep our little community inside The Circus intact. So, we sat down together and found a way to keep all of our members together through this difficult time. This means nobody will be losing their job and we are trying to keep the financial damage to a minimum.

  • We will resume all our collaborations as soon as possible

That means all of our Behind The Curtain and walking tours, as well as events at The Microbrewery like Tuesday Quiz night, Thursday Karaoke and Friday live music. This is a pause, not an ending. We can’t wait to be able to restart and celebrate with you as soon as the situation gets better!

  • We will remain being your home away from home

The Circus Apartments are fully operational as a home away from home for all of our long-term travelers. We are adapting to the situation as it develops, making sure we are doing what’s best for everyone, and we will keep you posted about all the changes as they happen.

  • Working from home has taken on a whole new dimension for us

Meetings are still a must and we are making sure that we do them right. So bring on video chats and Skype calls! Desperate times call for desperate measures, but why not have a little fun while you’re at it. What else are we call The Circus for?

All jokes aside, we really just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the help we receive daily from our community, our friends and family, and the network we have built over the years. Friends show their love in times of trouble, they say, and we are definitely feeling it. So thank you and stay with us, we’ll be posting updates as new developments arise. Until then, stay at home, stay safe and stay strong!