After the devastating explosion that took place in Beirut’s harbor on Tuesday, August 4th, and following months of economical and political decline, an estimated 300.000 people are left homeless and countless lives have been affected. In a spontaneous act of solidarity, people of Beirut whose homes were left intact have been opening their doors and offering shelter to the less fortunate ones. The Circus owner Andreas Becker is in Beirut at the moment, and we are asking for your help in these difficult times for the people in Lebanon.

The purpose of Becker’s visit is to help our very close friend and colleague, Rani al Rajji, a Beirut citizen and the architect and bar owner who brought to life the beautiful design at Ostpost Café found in The Circus Apartments. A victim of the explosion himself, Rani is organizing a street kitchen and psychological counseling to help locals deal with the trauma in any way he possibly can. The project has already started, and is aiming to aid the citizens in any way they need.

Please join our efforts to help Rani raise funds and support the people of Beirut in this challenging time. The ability of the state to provide assistance is currently limited in their ability to organize and cover the essential needs of those effected. We are therefore hoping to, together with your generous donations, lend a helping hand and give the people of Beirut a much needed support system. We are truly grateful for any contributions sent to The Circus account specifically created for the purpose of raising money for charity projects like this one.

The Circus is making a direct donation to the cause, and we are extremely grateful for any help you can put aside for this purpose. The Circus guarantees that 100% of all proceedings will go directly to the fund, providing food and psychological support to survivors of the tragic incident. The matter is urgent, and the people of Beirut are in desperate need of support in the aftermath of the accident. Please donate and help us bring some hope directly to those who need it most.

We have set up a PayPal account for this purpose, and to donate, simply click on the button below or log into your PayPal account and send your donation to

Alternatively, you can donate via bank transfer to the following account:

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IBAN: DE25 1005 0000 0190 5941 28


We will keep you updated about the progress of the project, and if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to to contact Andreas directly at