What makes a restaurant outstanding? Is it the interior design, the atmosphere, or does it always boil down to the quality and taste of the food? Or is it all the above? Can exceptionally good food be truly enjoyed without the unique atmosphere created by a space so perfectly designed that it all becomes an experience that is impossible to recreate elsewhere? If uniqueness is the goal, The Circus Hotel is moving towards it at warp speed. Yes, we are redesigning hotel gastronomy, and today, we are announcing our perfect partner in crime.

Meet Felix Mielke, the man behind Schüsseldienst.

Revolutionizing the concept of food stands and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, Felix Mielke seems to have managed to achieve the impossible: bring together two ideas that could not be further away from each other: fine dining and snacking! A former head chef of Le Faubourg, where his innovative cooking style turned him into a true inspiration of haute cuisine, Felix felt it was time for a new challenge. Bringing his brilliant idea of transforming the snacking culture to life, he did nothing short of starting an actual culinary revolution – one bowl at a time!

Meet Schüsseldienst, the finest dining imbiss in Berlin, where your idea of meals in bowls goes to flip itself upside down.

Yet the disruptive approach doesn’t stop there. In the case of Felix Mielke, the uniqueness goes beyond the space alone. His signature dishes are designed to revive forgotten ingredients and bring sophistication to the last place you would expect to find it – inside snacking culture! And yet, thanks to his exceptional cooking skills developed during his career that began at Le Provencal and moved up to big names like Savoy Hotel and The Ritz Carlton and finally perfected at Le Faubourg, he successfully united sophistication with fast service. Shüsseldienst is, in fact, a twist on the German word for key maker (Schlüsseldienst) and the word used for bowls (Shüssel), perfectly embodying the concept in one perfect word – Schüsseldienst!

His original menu brings to life unusual yet delicious combinations, like a salad that starts off with the creaminess of avocado and the crunchiness of pecan nuts, followed by superfoods like quinoa and spinach, and finally rounded with a decadent yogurt sesame dressing! After having one of his dishes, you will wonder if you ever truly understood food until now.

And today, it is time for this disruption to enter hotel gastronomy!

The Circus Hotel is embarking on a renovation of its life, with an investment of close to 3 million and a plan to recreate the entire space, from the lobby and lounge area to the toiletries and mattresses inside its design-oriented bedrooms. With the wheel of transformation set in motion, it is only natural that its culinary offer gets a makeover too! Hotel gastronomy has been steadily improving and challenging the norm for several years now, and today we are bringing industry’s best and most innovative trailblazers to bring the kitchen of The Circus Hotel to the next level.

We are aiming to bring his innovative mind and recreate every meal, which means that even our breakfast is about to receive a makeover we cannot wait to taste, and neither should you! Our goal is to inspire your mornings and help you start the day in the best way possible. It goes without saying that we are beyond excited to see it all come to life throughout the course of the year and give our guests an experience in Berlin that will forever linger on their minds as well as their palates! Greatness is the order of the day, and our seats are reserved. The only question remaining is…are yours?