Fly Mill

Fly Mill, courtesy of Interfilm

Some of you may have noticed the attention-grabbing advertisement for interfilm (see below) at the Yorck Kinos around town, as you were rushing in for the latest entertaining, yet disappointing, James Bond film.

Berlin now has a very large selection of film festivals throughout the year, but interfilm has been around for quite a long time, since 1982 to be percise. The festival will include 500 films, 6 competitions and 7 cinemas.

The categories are International, Green Film, German, Documentary, Confrontation and Eject XVIII – all of which are pretty self explanatory except for the last, which involves everything weird and wonderful at Volksbühne Kino. This year the festival will also have a focus on Canadian film and films from the Baltic States. There is a special programme titled Point of No Return – Refugee Stories that will shed light on the plight of refugees.

To add to the large variety of shorts, there will also be animated works, films based on social and political conflicts, and finally Oscar-awarded films and Academy-awarded films. The cinemas that will be involved are Mitte’s Babylon Kino, Volksbühne, Roter and Grüner Salon, Central Kino, and finally Il Kino and Passage Kino in Neukölln.

If this large selection of films isn’t enough, then add to that the script pitches, the masterclasses, film talks, case studies, and parties. Fear not, it is a jam-packed schedule.

Villa Antropoff

Villa Antropoff, courtesy of Interfilm

Ernie Biscuit

Ernie Biscuit, courtesy of Interfilm