Since the beginning of this year, florist Jan Horeis takes care of the floral decorations at our hotel. We met with Jan to talk to him about creativity, Berlin, and his cooperation with the Circus.

Jan, since the beginning of this year, you’re responsible for the wonderful floral decorations at our hotel reception. How did this cooperation came about and to what aspects do you pay attention the most when creating your floral objects?

Katrin, the hotel manager, got in touch with me in December last year, as she liked my flower arrangements. She asked me if I was keen to make a floral decoration for the Circus hotel and so our cooperation came about. For the floral arrangements at the reception and on the large table, I always make sure that they don’t look too agitated. I prefer rather plain colours and not too wild looks, since the rooms already have a lot of design elements and the flowers should be a modest accompaniment. It’s also important to me that I process seasonal flowers of very high quality.

How would you describe your style?

My style is rather frugal and modern, but I always adapt to the circumstances. I try to work with only a few materials, so 2 or 3 flowers and less green accessories. But of course, I try to meet all customer requirements, which means that I can also make more natural or even classic decorations.

How did you get the idea to become a florist? Was there a key experience or did plants and flowers always fascinate you?

When I was a child, I always made little bouquets from the remains that had fallen under the counter when I was at our local flower shop. And I loved gardening! At my parents’ garden, I was notorious in transplanting the plants, as I didn’t like it the way my parents had arranged it. Originally, I wanted to be a window dresser, but when I couldn’t get a training place, I turned to becoming a florist.

Do you have any role models, artists, or other sources of inspiration that influence your work?

I don’t really have role models, but I always hollow out a lot of inspirations from the area of fashion, interior design or even from my environment, such as for example shop window decorations. Nowadays, as a florist, you do not just embellish bouquets.  You try to pick up parts of the interior or the colors of a fashion collection and let it come back in the flower arrangements. Flowers are becoming more and more popular at the moment, for instance in the fashion area.

 You can work with flowers in many places all around the world. Why did you come to Berlin?

Before I came to Berlin, I lived in Hamburg for ten years, where I worked with a very established florist. The clientele was very elitist and demanding. After almost ten years, I needed a change and it felt natural to start my own business. That is why I came to Berlin seven years ago, to open my own shop. What I like about Berlin is that it’s still quite unconventional and individual at times. I like the contrasts – urban street style as well as the fancy Charlottenburg style. That’s just great!

What projects are next and what can we expect from you in the summer time here at the Circus?

My current project is “Studio Horeis Florist”, which I opened last November in Berlin-Wedding. The studio should function as place for photo shootings, pop-up stores, workshops or even supper clubs. A creative space for people who are looking for something else.
And for the Circus Hotel, I am looking forward to creating new seasonal arrangements for you and giving your guests a treat!

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