Jared's Jaunts

Today we start a new series called Jared’s Jaunts. Jared, our Bar Manager, considers himself someone very much so in tune with the pulse of the city and with this new series, he will let us in on what he sees, hears, smells, and tastes around town! Here’s a little interview to find out more about who Jared is and what we can look forward to!

Who are  you and what do you do at The Circus?

I’m Jared Goldman and I am Bar Manager at Katz & Maus and the Circus Hostel Brewing Company. I’ve been with The Circus since 1999 and I started as bar staff and then worked my way up.

What is your background?

I worked on a private luxury train before I came to Berlin that travelled all across Northern America. It was basically a 5 star hotel on wheels. I started there as a dishwasher, and then slowly moved my way up to the purchasing department.

What took you to Berlin?

I realised I was a bit young to be sitting in a  suit and tie at a desk for 40 hours a week. A friend of mine encouraged me to travel to Europe. I packed everything up and headed off for a year with the aim of finding work along the way. I came to Berlin, and stayed at The Circus Hostel, which was by far one of the best hostels I had stayed in during my travels. It was so advanced for the time and it really was luxury for a backpacker. When I met Andreas (one of the shareholders), I told him that if there was any chance to be a part of it that I’d be in. There were no available jobs at the time, and so I kept travelling, but a couple of months later Andreas contacted me and I was in!

What’s your favourite thing about working at The Circus?

The creative freedom that I have here. I’m responsible for drinks and interested in food, and when I come up with ideas or concepts that I see elsewhere, The Circus always takes them on board. The creative support that I have here is hard to come by in other companies. The Circus encourages you to veer off the path, it’s never stagnant, it’s always moving, progressing, going forward.

What interests you about Berlin?

Berlin has always been an interesting city. It’s still trying to find its feet, its identity. Berlin is always changing. At the moment we’re at a turning point of food and drink and craft beer. This is something that other cities have had for years, but not Berlin. When I first came here, there was no cuisine, now you get people moving here from all over the world and bringing something new here. This kind of revival is what I enjoy about Berlin at the moment.

What can our readers expect from Jared’s Jaunts?

Mainly my musings on the city’s food and beverage scene because that’s my background here at The Circus. I want to give people my impressions of the developments and to give people a little window into what’s happening here that you can’t find in the guidebook. I will also write about certain music events, for example, I’m hugely interested in Berlin’s buskers.