What is your favorite part of traveling? The excitement of discovering new places, immersing yourself into new cultures, hearing new languages spoken all around you? Or maybe you are fascinated by architecture and urban spaces? To us, traveling is a concept that covers all of those, and then some. Stepping out of your familiar space and widening your horizons can be a very rewarding thing. However, in spite of all the hype around breaking out of comfort zones and pushing your own boundaries, we believe having comfort during your travels is just as important. After all, we build homes to be a safe space of comfort and warmth for the entire family for a reason, don’t we? We understand that. Which is what makes The Circus special. We know about all the versatility among travelers and we try our best to make sure that we make all of our guests feel at home, whatever that might mean to them. From The Hostel and Hotel to The Apartments, at The Circus, creating your home away from home is more than just a saying to us. It is a mission.

Creating a homey feeling is especially important for those of you staying in Berlin a little longer and bringing your entire family along. We also know your little ones need special attention during travels, as they tend to get attached to homes more than adults do and sometimes have a harder time adjusting to new spaces. So we try to help in every way we can. If you know us, you know how much we love collaborations – supporting our community is just as important as having the best beds and friendliest staff. And today we are introducing the most playful collaboration we have ever been a part of!

To make sure your children stay entertained and occupied (so you have some quiet time to yourself as well), we teamed up with the best toy store in the neighborhood – Goldfish Kiderkaufhaus! With an emphasis on creating toys that not only entertain but also encourage learning, their toys come from the innovative hubs of Sweden straight to The Circus Apartments. With a focus on sparking children’s imagination, they use simple forms and materials that encourage learning through creativity.

Helping your little ones learn through play is great, but there is a secret perk in it for the parents as well. Busy kids means quiet time for the parents, a time they can use to unwind from a busy day. To make that time even more enjoyable, we added another collaboration to the mix, and this one is for adults only. We are talking about Belyzium, the chocolate manufacturer so close to us you can see them from the windows of our apartments!

We believe in the power of details, so we made sure that a bar of Belyzium’s finest chocolate is waiting for you as a small welcoming gift. The smile on your face is about to match the one on your child’s!

And that’s not all (of course)! Our concierge staff is there to help you with everything and anything you might need help with, from booking airport pickups to recommending restaurants and theatre shows, registration paperwork and everything in between. We think about it – so you don’t have to. Because we are here to make your Berlin experience one you will enjoy even after it’s over.