A little update on our current charity cause, the Sparrow Home in Bangkok, Thailand, by Jared. Please meet the Sparrow Home kids!

A few months ago, Julia was in Bangkok and she stopped by the Sparrow Home. This is where our new mession has started!

We asked her to introduce us to the children of the sparrow home and to tell us how old the children are and what they like to do. So here they are…

Dee is 2 and he is the smallest but can eat more than all other kids.

Zhishan is also 2 and he wants to be a superhero. He transforms into one many times a day.

Opal is 3 and she used to ride her bicycle backwards. But now she can ride it the right way and is really making some tracks.

Pake is 3 and used to fall down a lot when he walked. Now he likes to run and he likes to run fast.

Palm is  4 and he likes to climb like a monkey so they have to follow him everywhere.

Maew is 7 and likes to sweep and mop the floor. But he usually floods the floor and ends up all wet.

Van is 8 and he doesn’t like to ride a bike because of a pain in his leg. But he does like to sing and dance.

Go is 8 and he likes most sports and is very good at math, but he does not like learning languages or history.

Jee is 8 and doesn’t like to play basketball but does like to play football

Nam is 16 and she is shy and likes to dance. Normally she practices when nobody sees here and if anyone does, she stops on the spot.

So if you like to support these lovely bunch (and we’re sure you do!), then check out our charity page and make a donation. Even if it’s just a few coins, every bit helps to give the girls and boys a better future!