With the ITB, world’s largest tourism trade fair, taking place next week, we’re honoured to welcome traveller Kash Bhattacharya once again. Kash (Budget Traveller) has been staying at the Circus Hostel many times and he’s just been voted Blogger of the Year by the National Geographic Traveller Reader Awards 2016.

We asked him a couple of questions and for those of you interested in the travel blogging scene, we have a talk with Kash coming up this Monday, at 6pm.

Kash, you’ve just won the National Geographic Traveller Reader Awards 2016 for Blogger of the Year. What makes a good blogger?

To be a good blogger you have to have a good idea for a story and be able to inspire your readers. You have to stand out from the crowd. As a digital publisher it also helps to understand how social media works- a good blogger now only creates good content but knows how to promote it. I’ll expand on these ideas on Monday

When did you start travelling?

I started travelling when I was at university. Ryanair had started running these insane £0.02p return flights across Europe. It opened up a whole world of possibilities to me. Once you get the travelling bug you are stuck with it for life. Starting the blog was kind of therapy for me. Then it became my job.

Do you have a favourite place in the world?

Hard to name just one place. I’d have to say Japan. Deeply spiritual and rooted in tradition yet very forward looking and innovative-I really felt like I had stepped into a different dimension. I’ll share a few videos from my trip on Monday if we have time, I love South Africa too- the people, their strong spirit, the beautiful nature, beaches and amazing gastronomy: this country has everything. Plus I love Berlin! It is my happy place and I love coming back here for work or for other reasons.

You’ve been with us for many years now, when you’re in Berlin. What do you like about The Circus?

God. Must have stayed here at least 10 times in the last 5-6 years. Circus is my home away from home in Berlin. Staff are super friendly, I love that you guys serve breakfast till 1pm and your location in Rosenthaler Platz-so much amazing history on the doorstep of the hostel. Plus, of course I love your microbrewery/bar.

How did the tradition come about to celebrate your birthday down at our bar and what do you like most about the Hoff?

I think it started as a joke. There was an evening during ITB 5 years back where some of us had no plans or idea of what to do. I was staying at the Circus and had been telling some of my friends that we visit the shrine to the Hoff in the bar. Have a beer and talk about our freedom and love of travel. So we all decided to go for a beer at the hostel and we kind of started unwittingly an annual tradition. It was an emotional moment for all of us when we were invited for the official opening of the Hoff museum. Hoff has done so much for Berlin. This is our way of saying thank you to him every year.

Thank you very much for the interview, Kash. And we’re looking forward to the talk!

And all of you who want to meet The Budget Traveller in person and won’t make it to the talk on Monday, come by for a beer on Friday, when we’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our fabulous David Hasselhoff Museum with the fabulous The Circus Hostel Hoff Party!


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