Destination? Check! Budget? Check! Traveling buddy? Check! The only thing left to do is you’re your accommodation. And then, things start going south. You want a good location but your budget is tight. You want to meet people but you also want to get a good night’s sleep. You want to mingle but you need some privacy too…it goes on and on.

With all the things you have to keep in check, picking a room to stay in can get really stressful. You may not realize it, but most budget travelers are infected with the same stereotypes when it comes to hostels. Which is why we are banishing them today. It’s time to bust some hostel myths, and if this helps even one of you have a less stressful booking experience, our mission is accomplished.

So, here are 3 things we, The Circus crew, do differently. Because accommodation goes way beyond a bed!

  1. Staying at a hostel doesn’t have to mean no personal space

Sure, the dorm concept is all about sharing space and interacting with new people. But that doesn’t mean you HAVE TO! At least not if you’re staying with us. For instance, we offer dorms in three different sizes. You can choose if you want to share your room with two, three, five and all the way up to eight other people! The idea is that the number of beds adjusts to your sharing preferences. And even if none of these work for you, we also have private rooms with private bathrooms that will make you wonder if you’re at a hotel or a hostel. Not to mention the top-floor apartments with their own kitchen! Because we know not all of you are crowd-loving extroverts, but that doesn’t mean your needs are less important!

  1. Low price doesn’t mean low quality

When The Circus was first born twenty years ago, it was built by a group of friends who were just as passionate (if not more) about traveling as you are. While out there exploring the world, they stayed in all kinds of places, and what they always remembered were those little details that they were missing and that would make their stay unforgettable. So they decided to create a place that would do just that! Give their guests everything they wish they got during their own travels. From custom designed bunk beds to Behind The Curtain tours, at The Circus we’re constantly improving to give you the best possible experience. The quality rises, but our rates? They don’t! So don’t be fooled into thinking that quality always comes at a high price!

  1. You’re never on your own to explore the city

Apart from printed out maps and tips from the reception staff, most hostels you stay at have a list of good tours and things to see, but once you’re out the door you’re pretty much on your own to figure out the cool stuff only locals know about. Not with us! The whole idea behind our Behind the Curtain program is to take you behind the usual stuff and show you a side of Berlin very few have seen. It’s another big part of the experience we love creating, the same one we wish to get when we are the ones traveling. We pick them carefully every month and base our choices on your feedback. That’s why you’ll find tours like the visit to the Underground Art and the Berlin Wall tours pop up often. You can see them all here and plan your visit around your favorite one!

Now get here and enjoy all of these!