As November 9th keeps getting closer, it’s hard not to travel back in time and remember the era when Berlin represented separation and division. The days of The Wall may have ended three decades ago, and it may seem like a long time, but the memory is still very much alive, especially along the many remaining bits of the wall that are today as important of a landmark as the TV Tower and Brandenburg Gate. If you don’t believe us, try finding a Berlin guide that doesn’t mention East Side Gallery as a must-see!

But The Wall holds a deeper meaning at The Circus. To us, there is more to it than bricks and cement. At The Circus, we always put people first, and we think you already know who we are about to mention. Yep, it’s The Hoff and yep, he is taking center stage yet again! And not just for the celebration of the fall of The Wall. Noooo, our Hoff worshipping goes waaay beyond that.

Welcome to The Hoff Museum!

It all started about 12 years ago as a joke. One of our bar staff, being a devoted fan of the man who brought chest hair back, thought it would be an excellent idea to place an oversized framed portrait of the man in the middle of Microbrewery! And let us say, excellent it definitely was! As time went by, we witnessed more and more guests crowding said portrait in a mixture of awe and disbelief that such a thing could even exist in the middle of a hostel bar!

We gradually realized that the famous portrait needed more space. The little room down the hall was free, so that’s where we moved the legend’s image. Then an unexpected thing happened. People from all over started contributing and leaving random Hoff-related items, everything from a miniature Knight Rider car to postcards and board games. It also turned into a give-and-take kind of relationship, as we found a couple of things missing as well, like the giant wall portrait’s real chest hair (don’t ask) or the piano scarf (pinned safely to the shelf since, don’t worry). Lucky for us, the giving prevailed, and what started as a shrine slowly turned into what it is today – a tiny Hoff museum.

But what caught us the most by surprise wasn’t the incredible variety of Hoff merchandize out there. It was more the amount of popularity it accumulated! Our started-as-a-joke-not-sure-how-it-blew-up-to-stardom effect followed and it only seems to be getting bigger. So far, it’s been featured on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Atlas Obscura, Morgen Post and Mental Floss, as well as ZDF (Germany’s version of Channel 2) a Portuguese radio and countless blog posts and travel reviews.

The word spread far and wide and eventually reached the source of it all – The Hoff himself! And in June of 2017, he walked through the door and gave our reception staff a mild heart attack. The happiest of the bunch was definitely Jared, who is also the man behind our current charity project. Being a huge fan and a part of The Circus family, he was definitely at the right time at the right place! Just look at that smile!

And for all you newbies out there, The Hoff Museum is free for all, open for all and all you have to do is take the stairs to the left of reception and turn left at the bottom of it. Chances of getting lost are non-existent, mainly thanks to the giant full-body portrait of the man himself welcoming you to the place in his leopard printed slippers, because how else would you greet a guest?!

And if you find yourself in our neck of the woods this Saturday, November 9th, you are officially invited to join us at the bar as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of The Wall with a Hofftail Night, as a trubute to the man who we still believe palyed a key role in the reunification of Germany (never mind historic facts, he will forever remain our hero)! So come down for a Hofftail and live music down at our Microbrewery and experience the Hoff Museum, it’s right next to the bar!