“The Sammelsurium is the Circus’ Ode to Berlin. Our love letter to this wonderful and inspiring city. I am super happy and proud to finally have it in my hand!”

– Katrin, Circus Hotel Manager

“What the heck is a sammelsurium?!” we hear you cry! Allow us to explain: a Sammelsurium by definition is a Hotchpotch. A Mishmash. A Smorgasbord. A Ragbag. And the Circus Sammelsurium is all of these things, celebrating the many facets of Berlin, with all its many stories, created by us for you.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of Circus Berlin, friends old and new, family (some actual and some symbolic), old alumni and esteemed colleagues came together to celebrate a night of achievement and regale tales of two decades of love and mayhem as the oldest kid on the Rosenthaler block, looking back at those glorious years, and being grateful somebody had a camera nearby to remind us…

As we guzzled far too much champagne, soaked up by trays of gorgeous hors-d’oeuvres, courtesy of Commonground, the bosses shared un-repeatable stories of the heady days of East Berlin in the 90s.

We poured over colourful pages, taking us on an energetic tour of our favourite ‘hoods, whilst effortlessly bouncing through a most complicated of histories in this charming and quirky A-Z, eloquently explaining the mutual love on either side of the wall for working-class hero Ampelmann and the unusual predicament of choosing which zoo to visit in a city that has at least two of everything… unless of course, you are talking about city centres, in which case we have three. Unless of course, you are talking about airports…in which case we won’t even go there.

This special book, compiled by staff and our fearless leaders, introduces our favourite topics, places and even has interviews with some of our Circus Superstars.

The Circus Sammelsurium was created to of course create a time capsule of this momentous occasion, but as with everything at the core of what we do, from those humble beginnings, managing 30 beds back in 1997, to the 500 beds we have today, serving the thousands of visitors we have had the pleasure to host across our Circus Hostel, Hotel and apartments, we wanted to give you something completely out of the ordinary, wonderfully rare and ultimately, show you our Berlin. The result is a uniquely different angle not usually offered in the Berlin guidebooks, happily providing you with that coveted glimpse behind the curtain.

To compliment your stay even further you will find our beloved Sammelsurium across all our houses for you to reference for free during your time with us.

Don’t worry. We have already anticipated that you will fall in love with our inspired little mish-mash memoir and guide as much as we have, so have made it exclusively available to purchase for €10 online and in-house.

For those who could make it, and those who could not; to those of you that we have had the pleasure to bed over the years and those who haven’t actually been seen again since the 90s…. Those that were there then and those that are here now, we raise a glass, say a toast and yell “Prost!” to the next 20 years!

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