The Circus would not be The Circus without the help of all our friends and our community. Here are some of the companies we are working with, suppliers of goods you’ll find at The Circus, capable individuals who have helped us a lot, and organisations that are involved with The Circus on a regular basis. All those listed are a part of The Circus story, and we cannot thank them enough!


Apartmentservice are our partners for the Circus Apartments, and are Germany’s largest independent broker of high quality serviced apartments. On their website you can find many great options in cities throughout Germany.

InBev Global Brewer

A very supportive partner for us at The Circus, and one of the icons of the German beer industry.


Euroventure creates bespoke interrailing packages for travellers of any age. If you want to see Europe by train, they are your go-to!

Backpacker Network Germany

A network of independent hostels in Germany at a glance, and usually better than the official HI hostels. Worth supporting.

Chamäleon Theatre Berlin

The CHAMÄLEON stands for contemporary circus like no other venue in Germany. This is an exciting new art form that deliberately blurs the boundaries between different genres, such as acrobatics, dance, music and theatre, in order to create something thrilling and cutting-edge.

Shiftjuggler – Online Shift Planning

Creating shift plans for our three houses was not exactly simple, and it certainly was time consuming… with Shiftjuggler it is now easy, quick and efficient.

Brewer’s Berlin Tours

If you are visiting Berlin for the first time, then a walking tour is an excellent way to get an introduction to the city. We have a close cooperation with Brewers Berlin Tours, who pick up directly from The Circus.

Berliner Volksbank

Contrary to the belief that German banks are the last kingdom of stiff conservatism in the country, this one even supports guys with a good idea even if presented in T-shirts and Jeans – Miss Grohmann solves your problems.

Hannes & Kollegen

Our accountants do a great job in keeping the ship sailing in smooth water. They remind us once in a while that we shouldn’t forget to earn money!

Karasch & Küchler

Our architect and a good recommendation if you are thinking about building something of any size in Berlin.


You can buy Flixbus tickets at The Circus Hostel reception.