It’s been twenty years since we welcomed our first guest at The Circus. Since then we’ve seen more travelers walk through our door than we could remember. We also added two more doors for them to walk through. And with a Hotel, a Hostel and an Apartment building, we’ve slowly become an umbrella of accommodation, bringing together all kinds of amazing people under our Circus roof.

Yet the one thing that never ceases to amaze is us the incredible people we get to welcome every once in a while. This time, the home is our Apartment house, and the guest is Omar Hegazy. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, you might want to read about what makes him incredible. It’s the kind of story that will make you want to change your life and make you feel like the laziest person alive at the same time…
So, we asked Omar to share some details about his Berlin visit, his stay with us and his upcoming plans. We found out that his friendliness matches his persistence, and that he has a soft heart to match the strong mind. Here’s what he said.

  1. What brings you to Berlin?

Well, I’m an amputee who wears a prosthetic leg. I had this leg made here two years ago and now I needed to make some changes in it to fit its athletic purpose. The industry here is really good, and so is my technician, so here I am.

  1. And how do you like it here?

At first I didn’t like it, especially since I always come in winter, but I guess Berlin is one of those cities that takes time to sneak into your heart, so now I’m beginning to like it. I see the highlights of Berlin in the multiculturalism that is here, the good night life, the Berlin cathedral area… And that, like in Egypt, people go out every day… this gives the city a spirit.
There is also a touch of chaos here which I definitely like!

  1. How do you like your stay with us so far?

The Circus has a very friendly and helpful environment which for an Egyptian is a must! Also, the location and amenities are all I can ask for… if I come to Berlin again I will probably be back.

  1. Tell us more about your swimming accomplishments!

I was the first amputee to swim from Jordan to Egypt across the Red Sea. I was also the first Arab and Egyptian to do so. After the accident I decided that I should pursue what I really love doing – taking on new adventures! Luckily, it’s becoming my life now, and I’m planning to do something big in the near future, something that has never been done by a human before…

  1. How did this one come to life?

It’s inspired by Moses’s journey ”the exodus”, which resembles the purest form of compassion and humanity.. Me and my old friend and fellow amputee – athlete Yassin el Zoghbi decided to do it together. We haven’t announced any details yet but soon I’ll share more through our Arabic media channels and my personal Instagram account @hegazyhimself.

  1. Is it going to be bigger than the first one?

I’m so excited about this project! We’ve been training for a year now just for this adventure… We really hope to succeed, wish us luck! ?
For more about Omar’s upcoming project, follow him on Instagram and stay tuned, we’ll be sharing too!