With Advent in full swing for over a week now, Christmas is slowly taking over our daily lives. From piles of Santa shaped chocolates and belated advent calendars on sale to light decorations coming at you from every corner, holiday spirit is definitely in the air! It’s worldwide, it’s all-consuming and almost impossible to ignore! And if you happen to be in Berlin for this year’s celebration, you can count on another cool thing adding to your Christmas experience.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Christmas Markets!

Ah the glory of it all! Rivers of mulled wine, mountains of honey roasted nuts, sausages, baked potatoes… You name it, they’ve got it! Berlin, being as big as it is, comes with more than enough options for you to spend a couple of hours, an afternoon or entire day making your way through all the goodies! Never mind the daily job when there’s mulled wine involved!

Here are a couple of our favorites that will surely not leave you disappointed.

  1. Luzia at Kulturbrauerai

In case your German needs some polishing, the name of this one literally means Brewery of culture. The name comes from the fact that the building used to be an actual brewery that has since been converted into a club, a museum, a supermarket, a fitness studio and everything in between! The best part is the inner yard surrounded by the orange bricked building that once a year turns into a beautiful Christmas market you should not miss. Welcome to Luzia. The biggest perk of this market is the variety of food and drinks you can find there. Heated alcohol is by no means limited to wine and you can find weird stuff like warm gin&tonic, mulled beer and many more!

  1. Gendarmenmarkt Weihnanchtsmarkt

The biggest and most popular, this one is definitely a must-see for first time Berlin visitors during Christmas! Located in the old and magnificent part of Berlin – Mitte, in front of the pompous Konzerthaus, it’s a sight that can rival landmarks like Brandenburg Gate and TV Tower. Or at least that’s what we think… The biggest perk is the traditional setting it offers, and if you are looking for an authentic Christmas experience, this is the place to be.

  1. Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Alexanderplatz

Leaning more towards a touristy vibe, it can be a little overwhelming. Crowded and loud, it’s not to everyone’s liking, but it just might end up being your favorite. Why? One word. Amusement park. Ok, that’s two words, but you got the picture. Your inner child will be revived and with a good mix of mulled wine it just might become the best experience you had this Christmas! Just try to keep all that food and drink inside…just saying. Another perk is that it is a part of an actual landmark, so you can kill two birds with one stone.


  1. Historischer Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem RAW Gelände

Source: Carnica Veranstaltungen

Famous for its street art and eclectic clubs, RAW (pronounced er-a-we and not like something uncooked) is a hotspot all year round. Here you can buy used furniture, go for a swim or boulder while drinking beer. If that doesn’t give you an idea we don’t know what will. And when the winter comes by and Christmas is the order of the day, it turns into a historical Christmas Market. Biggest perk is the authenticity and entertainment that will make you feel like you wandered into a medieval festival.


Whichever you pick, we guarantee you’ll have a memorable experience. Trust us, where mulled wine goes, fun follows!