This Is What Sets Us Apart

We thought it important to provide our guests with an idea of ourselves, our philosophy, our attitude towards hospitality, and how all this has developed over the years, as this is what has shaped The Circus in becoming what it is now.

Autonomy and responsibility

The five shareholders all work in the company on a daily basis and there are no silent partners or outside investors. We therefore have the ability to make autonomous decisions with regards to our staff, our community and our customers, and we have a lot of responsibility because we are directly connected to our guests – there is no gap between the supplier and the customer.

The core of our philosophy

What lies at the core of our Circus philosophy is very simple: to welcome travellers to our city in a way that we would like to be welcomed when we travel ourselves. Naturally, the inspiration behind the beginning of The Circus was travelling, and our international team reflects just that. We are also very aware of how it feels to be a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings, and that providing a safe and secure home for travellers during their time in the city is central to both their travel experience and our understanding of hospitality.

The idea of traditional hospitality stems from the time before World War II, a time when hotels were catering to the hyper-rich “winners” of industrialisation with luxury, wealth and aristocracy. When we began with The Circus Hostel, and continued with The Circus Hotel and The Circus Apartments, we immediately developed an approach to hospitality that meant a complete rejection of this historic and outdated attitude.

Our understanding of hospitality is constantly evolving and changing to provide for the modern traveller, and this is something we are quite dedicated to. This attitude is very characteristic to The Circus team mostly because our shareholders and management team do not have any formal qualifications in the tourism or hospitality industries. We have therefore taken a very fresh approach to an industry so set in its ways with over a century worth of baggage.

How we communicate

We can provide shelter for over 440 guests in a large range of accommodation from dormitory beds to boutique apartments. With a wide range of services and a large variety of guests coming through our doors, it is easy for us to recognise that each guest has a very different need.

We like to see our guests and hosts come together on an equal level in communication, and thus rejecting the “Master-Servant” approach to hospitality born out of the aristocratic origins of the hotel business that we previously mentioned.  When it comes to choosing our staff members, education and qualifications are of little importance – skills can be trained – but what is crucial is that our team are warm open people who are interested in others and enjoy the communication that comes with a job like this.

Connected to Berlin

Our surroundings have always been of great importance to us – we have always been concerned with placing ourselves in a location that offered a direct link to the heart of the city to allow our guests feel part of Berlin life during their stay. This connection to the city is reflected in the design of the three houses, such as through the use of Berlin-based designers and artists to bring the creative spirit of the city into the spaces.

We also encourage our guests to make use of our neighbourhood facilities, such as the local swimming pools and fitness studios, rather than build such facilities into our own structures, which would once again adhere to the traditional concept of hospitality. Rather than encouraging our guests to shut themselves off from their surroundings, we want them to embrace them!