Events and activities at the Circus

Time Off, Well Spent

Berlin Behind the Curtain

At the Circus we invite you to meet Berlin, a place where the city and guests can come together. We have developed a program of activities to allow you to do just that, to give you a sense of tastes, smells, sights and discoveries to be made in Berlin from all sorts of angles. From street food to art galleries, performances to the film industry, we want to take you behind the scenes, to open the door that would otherwise be closed... to give you a peak behind the curtain.

Along the way you'll meet some of our favourite musicians and writers, historians and actors, craftspeople and cooks. You will get a feel for the cultural life of the city and the people who are living, working and creating in Berlin today. You will also get to know our enthusiastic staff, who all have their own version of Berlin for you discover, from their local bars, theatres and abandoned places to football matches and trips to the countryside or photography tours through their neighbourhoods.

Come join the Circus and get behind the curtain of Berlin!