Have you ever had that moment when you’re just going about your day, everything is going as usual, no big dramas around. And then it hits you. Suddenly you are on that holiday 5 years ago, getting ready for the beach and it’s so powerful, everything else just stops. Yes, a smell can do that. There’s a reason the perfume industry is still going strong with no signs of backing down.

But what does that have to do with The Circus? Well, speaking of smells, have you ever opened a bottle f shampoo and said Oh wow this smells just like that hotel we stayed at in Paris, I really miss it now! Yes, smells bring memories back to life better than any photo ever will. So we are making sure that the smell that will take you back to The Circus is the most amazingly unique one money can buy!

So, as the tradition goes here, we went looking for that special scent that will travel far and wide with each new guest who stays with us after project #recreate is officially finished. When you think about scents, does your mind also go straight to cherry blossoms and Japanese landscapes? Because ours definitely does! So Japan is where we went. And because we still love and support local, we also tried one from Berlin, because let’s face it, the hometown holds an irreplaceable place in our hearts!

Here’s our top 3 choices so far.

1. Lit Berlin

Created in our backyard but still honoring the traditional Japanese candles and scent, Litlab creates Bauhaus inspired candles that were so good they got nominated for the German Design Prize. Need we say more? Yeah, maybe. The wax they use is 100% soy and non-toxic. The smells we decided to include in the first test collection include sea salt, sage, green tea and tomato leaf.

2. Shoyeido

Actually from Japan, this one was discovered by one of The Circus founders Andreas. He immediately fell in love with the earthy smells that will make you feel like you are suddenly surrounded by nature. We are currently testing them at The Circus Apartments, s if you’re staying with us these days, keep your nose out for this unique and unforgettable scent!

3. Apotheke Fragrance

Another Japanese brand (though you couldn’t really tell from the name), it’s a brand that takes pride in their handmade products. Designed to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere with their unique scents collection, their candles, diffusers and incense and other products will bring your imagination to life and soothe all your senses. We can’t wait to experience it ourselves!

With such a big project on our hands, and so much to do in the upcoming months, focusing on details like signature scents is the perfect way to keep our direction and attention focused. You know what they say, it’s the little things in life that make it special. So we are making sure that the details you find at The Circus are truly making your experience with us an unforgettable one. Stay tuned to find out which one made the cut!