When you set out on a project as big as we are about to, it’s very important not to lose track of the little details that eventually are the ones that give any and every place its character. It’s equally as important to make sure you are keeping all your core values intact. Which is easy when you really believe in the things you do. For us, that’s like riding a bike. Pun intended.

One of these details revolves around bikes we offer for rent. Which is why, when Myboo reached out about a possible collaboration we jumped right on it! Both literally and metaphorically.

We like to think of ourselves as the place that takes the stress away from traveling and makes it simpler and more enjoyable. That’s the main reason we are always thinking of new things we can offer our guests: from BTC walking tours, through bar events and all the way to rental bikes!

Which brings us to the topic of the day: My boo bikes. Project #recreate at The Circus Hotel is covering all corners, and sustainable living is still the driving force behind it all. We still have some time before the official renovations begin, but time flies, so we decided to start ticking all the boxes we can before the construction starts. First, we did the cosmetics testing.

Now, it was time to look for new partners in our quest to be ethical, green and sustainable. Projects with a cause are on top of our list, and we are always looking for new ways to give back in addition to our charity projects. This is when we stumbled upon My boo. And the conversation started well.

As a company with a pretty cool story of their own, they recognized our shared passion for giving back and reached out to us with their bamboo bikes. Hand made in Ghana, they have a dual purpose. One is to provide the world with eco-friendly, sustainable bikes that are pretty on the eye and a joy to ride. The second was to give back to the community in Ghana. All proceedings from the bikes go towards a school they built there, and the actual production is performed there, meaning they are providing employment opportunities for over 60 people in Ghana.

Our eyebrows were definitely raised, and we agreed to meet and take the bikes out for a test ride. We were lucky to get both the city and the racer models, and got to spend an hour of our working time biking around The Circus Apartments. Talk about loving your job! Just look at that smiley face!

The bikes are as comfortable as they are smooth to ride, the color makes them look very sleek, and we absolutely loved them! And in case you were wondering, that’s Juri our Hotel Manager and Richie, the Apartments Manager taking Myboos out for a spin.

To read more about the bikes, go here, to stay tuned with the project #recreate, stay here, and to find out about how you can donate to our current charity project, go here or here.

As for the bikes, we are definitely thinking about making them a part of our future sustainability efforts at the new hotel, stay tuned to find out about the final decision!