What’s better than having a job that requires you to not only be creative, but also travel far and wide to take that creativity to a whole new level! Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life, right? Hell, yes, we say! Because matching talent with constant curiosity is the killer combination that has been the main fuel of the unique design you know and love The Circus for.

Ten years ago, we added The Circus Hotel to the family, and the unique touch of our head designer Sandra Ernst has been in the core of its design from day one. So it was no surprise that we put her in charge of the creative direction we’ll be taking with the new and much improved Hotel once the makeover officially begins! She is the only one who has the priceless combination of having expertise in the field of enterior desing and knowing The Circus inside out, since she’s been with us for over 20 years that we’ve called The Circus home.

Why Paris? Well, when looking for true design inspiration, where better to look for than the Mecca of all things extravagant and luxurious! Not to mention that the city itself is quite a delight to be in. And when you are an expert in design (like our Sandra is), you know the absolute must-visit for all inspiration seekers in the interior (and exterior) design field is the Maison & Objet fair. Naturally, Sandra attended it, and naturally, she was beyond thrilled with what she found there! In case you haven’t heard of Maison&Objet before, it’s nothing short of a designer’s idea of heaven! With endless lines of products displayed by exhibitors from all over the world, it’s hard to find something you can’t find, if you know what we mean.

From unique shelving and light installations to ceramic bowls and cups, the fair’s offer will cover all your possible needs and then some, reinventing functionality and redefining style. Who wouldn’t want to bring that into their space! Because it’s always about those little details, isn’t it? And in true Circus fashion, we are paying extra attention to all the little nooks and crannies that will need the touch of design in the upcoming months (if not years). And since Sandra absolutely loves wallpapers, hanging plants and finding new ways to express creativity through design and organizing of living spaces, you can imagine the effect all this had on her own creativity!

And have no doubts there will be many more of these trips to come, so it would be a great idea to keep up with the developments of project #recreate at The Circus Hotel, it’s a big deal to us and will be a big deal to the entire Rosenthalerplatz, since we are kind of hugging the square…