“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” said Joel Barker. No quote could describe better the journey we are about to embark on! The Circus Hotel is about to change in every way imaginable and we cannot wait to witness the transformation.

Project #recreate at The Circus Hotel has been slowly starting for months. We’ve traveled far and wide to collect ideas, we’ve had countless hours of brainstorming and testing ideas. Big things are cooking, but today, as it always goes with big changes – we are starting small – in size, that is, not importance! Today we are discussing hotel toiletries.

Skin care is a very delicate topic, and we believe that nobody should ever compromise having the best possible skin products, not even while traveling. So, we did some research and reached out to the best brands from the premium-quality, natural, organic products the cosmetic industry has to offer. And, to make sure all the products are thoroughly tested before we made the final decision, we recruited our wonderful staff to test the products and make sure what makes it to the bathroom shelves of the new Circus Hotel is really top notch!

The testing phase will take a few weeks, and we are making sure to only take into consideration products that are organic, vegan, sustainable, fair and above all – premium quality!

Here’s our top 3 list so far:

Proudly standing beside the statement that “Everyone deserves quality they can trust”, this UK based company goes beyond pampering your skin and senses. Their products contain only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, FDA approved colorants and no animal extracts. They are driven by innovation, integrity and reliability, which goes perfectly in line with the kind of products we want to offer our guests. Fragrant essential oils, citrusy aromas and a long lasting feeling of softness is what we’ve experienced so far, and we are thrilled to have a few more weeks of finding more ways Bramley makes our skin smile with joy! The gorgeous bottle designs don’t hurt either…

Describing themselves as “The oldest apothecary in America“, this NYC based company knows how to combine the medicinal power of plants with their healing scents. They have been doing it for 182 years after all! Their traditional way of making products that are top-quality, organic and vegan caught our eye, and we are so glad it did! The combinations of ingredients are refreshing and calming at the same time, with subtle notes of lavender and mint, and invigorating coriander and lime. With their products you’ll really be in for an experience for all the senses.

Founded in 1886, this Vienna based apothecary is another example of how tradition truly can be timeless. Saint Charles apothecaries bring out the potent medicinal properties of herbs and bring them directly to your skin. Driven by innovation and keeping clients in focus, their products are of highest quality, organic and sustainable. Their scents of products match their philosophy of production – using them will have you instantly transferred to wild meadows and herb gardens in spring!

We couldn’t be more excited about seeing the amazing results from our testing phase, and taking project #recreate to the next steps. Stay tuned, there’s so much more to come!