When redesigning a space, what should you focus on? Functionality? Or…color coordination? How about the fact that you have the power to create a feeling, an atmosphere, nay, an emotion that will forever be linked to that space? Creating an unforgettable and unique experience has been in the focus of The Circus Hotel since day 1, so it’s only natural it transferred to project #recreate, and today we are getting back to basics, rethinking everything from hallway lights to the way doors close!

Because it’s very often the little things that make the biggest impact, isn’t it?

Let’s get a little more specific. One of our favorite features of The Circus Hotel has always been the sense of privacy we have successfully created in the middle of bustling Berlin Mitte. And not only inside rooms! Our many hallways curve around the building endlessly, almost in a labyrinth structure, and we want to make sure that your room searching is a cozy stroll, not a stressful chase. Which is where all the little things you probably never even thought about come into play. Like the fragrance that fills the air. Or the dimness of the lights. Or the color of the walls. It takes a lot of effort to make it all seem effortless, and a lot of decision making to create the perfect combination and a perfect atmosphere.

In addition to all that, for 12 years now (and counting), we’ve had the incredible fortune of inhabiting a building that has been standing strong for a long (long) time, absorbing over a century of history in its timeless walls. Around 150 years to be precise. Oh, if only they could talk… We take great pride in this, and it was exactly the history of the building and our beloved Rosenthalerplatz that inspired the new design behind The Circus Hotel hallways.

Playing with the ideas of old and new, vintage and modern, historic and innovative, we are using patterns and color schemes to breathe life into the space and give our guests a feel of the history behind The Circus Hotel. After all, it is history that brought us here, so it only seems natural we honor its importance when shaping our new design (both inside and out). Today it’s hallways, tomorrow it’s the façade, next week who knows (you’ll know, if you keep up with the updates). One thing’s for sure: things are moving fast, the new look is taking shape and we are working tirelessly to deliver our guests a new and improved experience at The Circus Hotel, and a feeling that will linger on…