It’s been a few months since our Belarus charity project began and it’s time for a catch up with the man behind the scenes, Jared Goldman. A former member of The Circus crew and an avid runner, he is a man of many talents. But the reason we are talking about him today has less to do with his running skills and more with his ancestry. Well, it’s actually a bit of both. See, the charity we’ve been working on together this summer is a sort of a combination of root tracing and endurance running. All, of course, for a good cause.

If you haven’t been with us for the last couple of months, we’ve followed Jared’s epic journey as he ran across Belarus, from the capital of Minsk all the way to his great grandparents’ hometown 230km away. Yes, ran. Taking some locals with him, and another fellow endurance runner famous in Belarus under the name of The Bearded Runner, Jared enjoyed more than just the physical aspect of this soul-searching journey. All that running can really build up an appetite, and he has definitely enjoyed some of Belarus’s traditional cuisine, including potatoes pulled from the garden just before cooking.

As for the charity itself, he met up with Wings of Angels, the NGO that he partnered up to help raise money for a special chair that would enable children with disabilities to join the running community of their parents. We were curious to find out how far the donations have come and we were thrilled to hear that more than half of the money has already been raised!

But enough of us, here’s a video of Jared himself, who dropped by The Circus to say hi and give us an update in person:

To donate, please visit any of The Circus receptions and place your donations inside the charity boxes, or get in touch with Jared directly!

And don’t forget to save the date of September 25th, we‘ll be airing a video of his epic running through Belarus at the Microbrewery and get inside this inspiring search for one’s roots. Oh, and house beer will be on tap! Need we say more? See you there!