Nestled in the warm and comforting bosom of Mother Russia…well, former Circus Receptionist, and Russian-born Luba Kemenova’s concept cafe, ostPost, I sipped my Wostok Brause, flicking through a travel book spotlighting Hungary’s highlights and enjoyed some well appreciated me time.

We are so excited that Luba has returned back to the Circus after so many years and along with her team have brought ostPost, formerly of Friedrichshain in East Berlin to the Circus Apartments on Chorinerstrasse.

Here guests can take a break from the hustle and bustle of Rosenthaler Platz, enjoy traditional Eastern European fares like honey cake and borscht, immerse themselves in Eastern European literature, accompanied by provincial music of the Old East and quirky nicknacks – you can even purchase some unique local and Soviet-era postcards, books, and gifts for loved ones who also share a fervor for all things Ost.

I chatted to the lovely Linda, wondering how such a concept was born. She told me how ostPost founders, Luba and her husband, Andrejs, who hails originally from Slovakia noted there was nowhere in the City to provide the home-comforts they longed for and could only find the occasional event or East-themed pub that didn’t really appeal to them. They loved the idea of opening a bookshop. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Linda told me they were particularly fond of British comedy-noir Black Books – although with floor to ceiling windows and friendly staff, luckily the enthusiasm for books is where the similarity ends.

The vibe is cozy but the feeling is fresh, combining old with new: there are glass stained lamps, embroidered stools, a private and deliberately dark reading nook in the corner and the stunning blue and white floor tiles that look like they were transported from another era but were in fact custom designed in Beirut by Rani al Rajji for the Circus.

You can watch the incredible video here (and if you are lucky, try to catch Circus Shareholder, Tilman to hear the insane and hilarious tale of getting these beautiful bespoke tiles from the Middle East to this corner of the East…a feat that sounded harder than fleeing the DDR).

We will be sharing ostPost’s rotating calendar of weekly events including readings, workshops, movie nights and pop-up galleries of East European artists on the Circus Facebook page but in the mean time, do drop by for a cup of tea and feels from the Ost.

Choriner Str. 84
10119 Berlin

Telefon: 0176 998 06 329

Open daily from 7:30am – 3:30pm

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