Visit Berlin, Berlin’s agency for tourism and one of partners here in the city,  invited the Circus to a very special event last Friday. Jared was one of the lucky few who were able to attend this exclusive  preview of The Haus, a temporary Street Art Gallery in Berlin.

When we arrived, we were still not very sure what was going on. Upon check-in we all got name badges, and were asked to put our phones in a sealed black plastic bag. We were informed that no photos were allowed but at one point we would be allowed to take one photo, in times of omnipresent social media, quite a special approach, but it only raised our curiosity more.

We were just getting settled in, when Kimo Von Rekowski, project manager at Xi-Design and responsible for the Haus-project, introduced himself. I asked him: “What are we doing here?”, and he told us, that we were standing in an old bank building and that above were the administration offices. Now this place is turned into the world’s largest urban art gallery, and from April on people can visit this fabulous temporary space. Afterwards it will be torn down, so it’s created to destroyed.

Artists from all around the world  came together and filled the house with their art, and they became like a temporary family. It was clear that Kimo and a small group of artists share a deep passion for urban art and that he’s very excited about this project, but that the recognition had not gone to his head.

Then the tour of The Haus started. First stop was a hallway, very well captured by one of Berlin’s hottest architecture Instagramers at the moment, Konrad Langer aka @konaction: Something that was so simple and yet it had such a big impact and something really unique about it.

We were encouraged to explore, and to open up the different doors to spaces that used to be offices. As we looked into the rooms, I realised every space had a very specific theme, and each artist had obviously put a lot of thought and energy into their space. The art that we saw was of a very high quality and a real visual explosion, somethimes playful and confusing to your senses.

We were all allowed to take one photo of the space, which had to be approved by The Haus before we were allowed to leave. The picture we took for the Circus is the one on top of this post. After the official opening, The Haus will stick to this no-pictures policy and it won’t be allowed to take photographs in the gallery. This is part of the concept and emphasises the temporary aspect of the art. It also makes people focus more on the work instead of concentrating on taking the best photo for their social media.

All in all, it’s one of the most interesting urban art galleries I have ever seen. So if you’re in Berlin from April on, make sure you pay The Haus a visit! We’re also working on a Behind the Curtain Tour to this special place, so stay tuned!

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The Haus – Urban Art Gallery

photo credit: visit berlin


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