When you hear stories about Berlin, it’s either about getting rejected from Berghain after standing in line for hours, drinking yourself under the table at a späti or waking up on the Ringbahn. Robbed. Berlin is a city of extremes. But there’s more to it than crazy nights out and cheap beers. So much more!

If the word history makes you wanna run the other way, we’re on the same page. But! Today we’d like to talk about other things that make Berlin famous. Like THE WALL. Few people know who built it, but everyone seems to know who took it down. Or we’d like to think so. One of the most well known parts of the city’s history, it’s a major attraction for both tourists and locals. But did you know that the (in)famous wall wasn’t the first wall built in Berlin?

The capital of Germany used to be tiny compared to its size today. Microscopic! And it had a wall around it for protection. Game of Thrones much? Today known as Berliner Stadtmauer, it used to hug an area that covered only a little more than the Museum Island and a pinch of Hackesher Markt, which also happens to be the oldest Sbahn station in the city. See? There’s SO much more to Berlin than Berghain!

Let’s get more specific. The Circus has been a part of the history of Mitte for 20 years. The Hotel for almost 10. You can only imagine the amount of people we’ve welcomed over the years. And how many of them asked for all kinds of recommendations. From good restaurants, bars and clubs to waxing salons and sex shops, we’ve heard it all. And after years of repetition, we’ve created a shortcut list to make things more efficient in the future. We are in Germany after all, and in Germany, efficiency is next to godliness.

You probably predicted that the most frequently asked questions falls in the “what to see” category. Yeah, shocker. Berlin is kind of a monster-sized city and what we’ve learned is that when you are asked the inevitable question the last thing you want to do is get into specifics. It will take all day. Besides, we don’t want to suffocate your exploring creativity. The gold lies in the middle, so here’s our ideal solution: give you a source for you to play with. Our favorite is called Slow Travel Berlin, and when it comes to options, they deliver! Go ahead, prove us wrong, we dare ya!

All that exploring is bound to get your stomach growling. But just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean you should interrupt your sightseeing! Uniting walking with eating, a combination that is wildly frowned upon in Japan but highly appreciated in New York, Bite Berlin Food Tours does exactly that. Days of worrying about where you’ll eat, what you’ll eat and how much it’s gonna cost are over. Just head over to their website and cherry pick from their awesome tours. Foodies and walkers finally have something in common! Let’s celebrate with a berliner!

And finally, the inevitable side effect of Germany: THE BEER!!! Yayyy. If you know our Hostel, you also know we have a brewery in the basement. Talk about perks! And because we believe sharing is caring, we’ve always nurtured collaborations with other amazing brewers out there. If you’re really into beer, like we are, you know how important it is to experience as much as you can in the short time you are here. Our personal favorite is Brewer’s Berlin Tours, especially their craft beer one. We may or may not be a part of it. Biased? Never!

We’ve given you the knowledge. Now come visit us and use it wisely!