Julia Stone, who used to work at the Circus in our graphic design team, is currently in Bangkok. Jared asked her to keep us informed on what is happening on the ground, so here’s a little update on our charity project Sparrow Home Bangkok.

We are very excited to have heard from Julia and we would like to introduce to you Monika. She is one of the Sparrow Homes women on the ground and her official position is treasurer. Which means she is the woman who controls the finances of the house.

Monika lived in Thailand from 1982 to 1989, then moved to Malaysia and Hong Kong and returned to Bangkok in 1994. In that year she joined the group of volunteers looking after the German-speaking prisoners in Thailand, and in late 1995 joined the group of ladies (my mom and two friends of hers) who were in the process of founding the Sparrow Home.

In the fall of 1995 the first children came to stay in the Sparrow Home, in the home with a license for up to 15 children, with a family atmosphere. In the beginning the Sparrow Home operated under the license of another foundation until it got its own in 1997.

Monika and my mom were the two main ladies bringing and keeping the Sparrow Home alive. My mom  is officially the chairperson and Monika’s position is the treasurer. This means she looks after the accounts, tries to get donations, and decides how the money is spent.

This is an important job and we’re working hard here at the Circus to provide the Sparrow Home with funds.

Stay tuned for our next post where we will introduce you to the places where your donations will land,  a bit of an update on the kids, and how our fundraising campaign is going here at the Circus.

Please feel free to contact Jared (jared@circus-berlin.de) if you have any questions about the project or if you would like to donate.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!

Monika - Sparrow Home Bangkok