After 20 years of welcoming people to our houses, it goes without saying that our guests are like family to us. From check in to check out, we make sure your stay with us is safe and comfy, making your Berlin experience as enjoyable as possible. We also feel very protective of our guests and try to keep them away from any outsiders who might disrupt this idyllic relationship we’ve got going. So it’s no surprise our instincts flared up this morning after seeing an unknown booking engine selling our Hotel rooms. We cannot guarantee for any bookings made through an online source that is unknown to us. So this post is a mixture of clarification and a warning for all of you planning to stay with us in the near future.

Here’s what you should look out for:
The website is called booking2room and The Circus Hotel page can be found here. So, if you find yourself browsing and come across this website, simply drag your cursor over to the close button and click. Again, we cannot vouch for any of the bookings made through a source unknown to us, as we do not have a signed contract with them and they are definitely not one of our external booking platform partners.

The best way to always be sure you’re avoiding being mislead by this or any other unsafe platform is to always book directly through our website. It’s guaranteed safety, security and best price.
That’s it for the serious part. Now comes the fun part.
As much as it worries us to see untrusted sources offering our accommodation, the random services that we seem to offer are absolutely priceless! We can’t stop laughing, and good laughs are always best when shared, so here come some amazing things we apparently offer that not even we were aware of.

Like massageS. If there’s a second masseuse in the house show yourself, we’d love to get an appointment! Especially since we seem to offer not one, but TWO OF YOU! Come out come out, wherever you are! And bring the barber, we’d love to know how he’s making ends meet, it’s not much of a business we can offer him in the hipster capitol of beards…

Then there’s the AC. Not really your tropical destination, having an AC in Berlin is probably the best, fastest and most expensive way to waste electricity. We do believe in sustainability, so we chose greener ways to keep you cool during the summer, like ceiling fans and high-tech coating on windows which keep the heat from going through. We too call this planet home, and we’d like to take care of it however we can.
As for the meeting room and banquet space, they must be hiding under Harry Potter’s invisible cloak together with the masseuses and the barber, because we definitely haven’t seen one. Wait, is that a pillar in our lobby, or could it be platform 9 3/4… Guess there’s only one way to find out…

And the shoe shine. The shoe shine is just beyond ridiculous! Unless you’re planning on breaking into our staffs’ locker room, we’re afraid you won’t be able to use your shoes as a mirror during your stay with us. We are happy to say that we DO offer regular mirrors, so you can feel confident that no spinach is lurking from your front teeth.
And the absolute winner?

The The (?!) Circus Hotel resents the claim that pets are not ALLOVED! How dare they say we do not love pets! We absolutely adore them! Whether they are allowed, however, is a different story..
We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did reading this. Now if you’ll excuse us, there’s a secret meeting room we need to look for.