When you host visitors in a city like Berlin, certain expectations arrive with the luggage. Each first-time visitor brings at least one Berlin fact they picked up from friends and travelers they meet along the way. Our favorites are: You can drink on the ubahn, the tram, or pretty much any public transportation but the bus. Which is a weirdness in itself, but let’s not get into that. Another one is how the best time to party at Berghain is on a Monday morning. Or, maybe the most common, how we never get a single ray of sunshine!

Oh how wrong that is!

If you have an image of Berlin as a pile of grey concrete that gets nothing but clouds and an occasional change of air in one of its many rains, think again! Or, even better, come see for yourself! Because this summer, not only do we have more sunshine that we can find time to absorb (damn you working hours), but we are also struggling to survive the tropical heat as well! The cold weather may not be true this year, but decades of it means that virtually none of Berlin’s many (many, many) buildings have air-conditioning!


Lucky for you, lucky for us, lucky for Berlin, this story has a but! And the but is called Wasser! Let us explain this beautiful word. Wasser is, as you probably guessed, German for “water”, and this wonderful term covers everything from rivers and canals to the many lakes found all over and around the city. Do we have your attention now?

The best part of all the water of Berlin is that it’s by far the best way to cool off when you start getting that lobster shade (though the water won’t make it go away, you still need serious sunscreen)! Let’s get statistical. Did you know that Berlin has more canals than Venice and Amsterdam COMBINED? More bridges too, to state the obvious. And no, you don’t have to compromise personal space to enjoy it.

When it comes to points of access, they are literally endless! From the entire bank of Ladwehrkanal, that so conveniently merges with Görlitzerpark, to the architectural marvels around Bundestag, as long as there’s a späti nearby, there’s nothing to worry about. And there’s always a späti nearby!

Moving on to the lakes. You might get confused looking at a map of Berlin and noticing the word See appears a lot. Its pronunciation is very similar to the English word sea and comparing the size of the blue spot on the map with the size you would expect from a sea will definitely raise an eyebrow or two. That’s because in German, See means lake! Now go back to that map and count all the see you saw. A lot, isn’t it? And how cool is it that most of them are biking distance?

Pretty damn spectacular, if you ask us!

Add the matching number of Berlin parks and you’ll see that if you are looking for a cityscape that embraces green in all its forms, Berlin is the place to be! And if you’re looking for a place to stay that matches this green state of mind, we’d love to welcome you and share our efforts to contribute to green accommodation in Mitte!

Stay green!