There’s one thing about Berlin apart from its immense beauty (we are not biased at all) that you can’t help noticing. Berlin…is…huge! Covering a space of almost 900 square kilometers, getting from one end to the other can take time. And a lot of it! The good news is that it’s mostly flat, which makes Berlin real heaven for bikers. Not to mention that bike lanes are literally everywhere, and most street lights have a mini version for the two wheelers. It’s safe to say biking in Berlin is more than just a way of getting from point A to point B.

Biking in Berlin is a culture.

And the fact that you can get your daily exercise without dedicating any extra time to it only adds to the charm of pedaling away. But the absolute winner of biking perks goes to causing absolutely no pollution! If you’re a regular biker, like most Berliners are, you can feel good not only about your own health, but our planet’s too.

Bottom line, Berlin is a city that embraces green living! But why are we telling you all this?

Because we believe that living in big cities comes with big responsibility. Especially when it comes to sustainability. Sure, biking is great for reducing pollution caused by cars, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Things that don’t move can also be big contributors to levels of pollution. They also don’t have to move to go the other way and do their best to help Earth stay green. Welcome to the world of eco-friendly buildings. Brought to you by Gustav, our giraffe mascot. Gustav sees everything. Better be green!

Back to the subject. Imagine a hotel as a living space that gets refreshed daily. The cleaning you do at home once a week a hotel does once a day. The light is switched on more times than you can count. Laundry is basically non-stop and winter heating can go through the roof. The costs can get high, and not only when it comes to money. Environment has a big bill to pay too. And we don’t like that. We want our planet to keep getting greener, not grayer.

So we put our green hats on and got down to business! And after lots of planning, adjusting, building and installing, we finally reached a stage of eco-friendliness we are happy with. Curious to hear what we did?

Here is a list of 10 things The Circus Berlin does to contribute to a greener future in Berlin!

  1. All energy used is from a green source, meaning less waste and more saving.
  2. All papers used in the houses (Hostel, Hotel, Apartments) are recycled.
  3. Approximately 80% of lamps are fitted with energy-saving light bulbs.
  4. Lights in the hallways are timer-controlled to reduce unnecessary usage.
  5. All waste is categorized and recycled accordingly.
  6. None of our houses have air-conditioning.
  7. Solar voltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the hotel to generate electricity.
  8. Our rooms and apartments have no mini-bar, which saves more energy.
  9. Our bathroom products are supplied by a small, organic manufacturer I+M Naturkosmetik.
  10. All departments in the hostel, hotel and apartments have implemented a strategy to reduce unnecessary waste, especially when it comes to packaging.

So next time you come stay with us or just pop by for an amazing brunch at Commonground, you might start noticing little things you normally wouldn’t. Like the heat-proof windows inside The Hotel’s lobby. Or the solar panels on The Hostel’s rooftop. And because green looks just as good as it feels, we created a little green haven for you to escape the city noise and enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s inside the Commonground at The Circus Hotel, and it’s open for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s keep the planet alive, stay green!