The Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments, are owned and operated by The Circus GbR, a private unlimited company established in Berlin 1997, owned by 5 shareholders, who all represent the company fully and individually with unlimited signing rights.

All 5 are working at different places in the company full time.

The Shareholders

Andreas Becker
Born in Westphalia, in rural Germany bordering the Netherlands, he is the founder of the company. He is in charge of company development and is the driving force behind new projects.

Andreas Digel
From Reutlingen in the south of Germany, Andreas Digel has been a partner of the Circus since 2001. His key responsibility at The Circus is in the fields of finance and bookkeeping, and managing the back office team.

Christian Göppert
The only true “Berliner” amongst the owners, he became a partner of The Circus in 2001. Amongst the partners, he is responsible for the hotel and property management of the three houses.

Andrew ‘Jim’ Hadfield
A true Mancunian from the north of England, he has been with the company since 1998 and a partner since 2007. His principle responsibilities lie with guest services, and he is the managing partner responsible for the hostel.

Tilman Hierath
Bringing the solidarity and sobriety of Northern Germany, with a hint of Austria added to the mix, he is responsible for technical questions relating to all houses and is managing partner responsible for the apartments. He has been a partner of The Circus since 2007.

Management Team

Manager – The Circus Hotel: Katrin Schönig, Juri Westermann, Patricia Euwens
Manager – The Circus Hostel: Andrew Hadfield, Eliese Berresheim
Manager – The Circus Apartments: Richard Fischer
Head Designer – Sandra Ernst
Design Team – Chardia Budiman
Head of Maintenance: Dietmar Neeb
Head of Housekeeping: Dina Strauss-Tarazona
Reservations Manager: Torsten Lorenz
Entertainment Manager: Andrew Rowley
Sales & Marketing: Juliane Herer, Madlen Ernst
Company Communications & PR: Maja Stefanovic
Service Manager – The Circus Café: Emma Gruber