You read it right, The Circus Microbrewery is ditching plastic and it feels fantastic! We’ve spent the last month looking for a way to include new projects in our never-ending effort to support sustainability and eco-friendliness. So we started a hunt that eventually brought us downstairs to our hostel’s Microbrewery. Once we got there, it took us less than 5 minutes to figure out what our next step towards a greener Circus was gonna be all about… We finally knew what we had to do.

We had to get rid of plastic straws!

Plastic waste and the impact it has on the health of our planet is no news. Plastic might just be the biggest threat to everything living, from seagulls and dolphins to soil, and it’s about time we all recognized the need to get proactive and do something about reducing the amount of plastic that is polluting our world. Baby steps or giant leaps, it has to start somewhere.

We chose to start with straws.

Because when you run a bar that takes pride in its selection of signature cocktails, you need to provide all that is expected to come with. From appropriate glasses, to crushed ice and lemon wedges, cocktails are more than just a way to refresh yourself and enjoy a tasty drink. Cocktails are an experience. Leaving out just one little part (like, say, plastic straws) can seriously damage that experience. And we don’t want that.

Because here at The Circus, we believe that a cocktail without a straw is like a party without music – it’s incomplete. Not to mention that some cocktails just can’t be consumed properly without a straw. A mojito for instance, or a gin & tonic. So we created a master plan of action. First, we want to exterminate the problem maker, and second, we want to provide an alternative solution. Because you know how the saying goes…

“Criticism without alternative suggestion is just destructive behavior.”

Starting next week, if you feel like enjoying a cocktail at The Circus, you can do so knowing that you are contributing to a greener and cleaner planet. And the alternative? Instead of the usual plastic straws, at The Circus Microbrewery you can sip your drink through a sleek-looking, eco-friendly reusable metal straw that you can get from the bar for a deposit of 1€. Once you slurp down the last drop we’ll return your deposit and save the world from spending the next 200 years decomposing the usual plastic straws that come with your favorite drink.

Responsible drinking just got a whole new meaning. Cheers to staying green!