It’s been over a week since Jared left for his epic run in Belarus. If you don’t know the story already, the run is a part of the latest charity project we are a part of. The goal is to collect enough money to buy a special chair that would make it possible for children with disabilities in Belarus to join the running community of their parents and peers. Given the complexity of the chair and the costs for its construction, it’s virtually impossible to buy one without help from all of us and, hopefully, you.

But there’s more to the story. This is where Jared comes in. As an avid runner, he added a personal challenge to the cause. Tracing his ancestors, he set out on an epic running route that would take him from Minsk to his ancestors’ hometown, running an incredible 230km route in total.

We checked in to get the latest on his progress, and here’s a few highlights he’s shared with us so far:

1. He has teamed up with The Bearded Runner

Another extreme runner, also known as Jauhen Hucalau, the Bearded Runner was just done running Belarus from top to bottom when Jared reached out to him about a potential teaming up and running collaboration. So it won’t come as a shock that he accepted the invitation wholeheartedly. The big day is yet to come, as the planned running route this Saturday will be a whopping 65km run.

2. He’s proving running is a force that breaks language barriers

Although his roots traced him back to Belarus, the culture and language are still a challenge yet to be overcome. This is where running comes in as the great connector. As soon as he arrived in Belarus, Jared immersed himself in the running community of Minsk, and the incredibly warm welcome and hospitality that he has received so far only serve as proof that the passion for running does really act as the great equalizer.

3. He is finally running with Wings of Angels, the cause behind the adventure

Although running is taking the spotlight, there is so much more to this project! If it had to be described in one sentence it would definitely be “Running for a cause”. As you may already know, the final goal is to raise 3,400€ for the special chair for children with disabilities. The chair’s special design allows the children to become part of the runners’ community and have an active lifestyle.

Jared met with the organization he is helping raise the money, held a heartwarming speech about the connecting power of running and took them on a running session just for fun. The partnership is definitely blossoming!

4. All that running needs fuel. Belarussian delicacies to the rescue!

Endurance running is hard work, and it requires A LOT of energy. Talk about perks! Being an experienced runner, Jared made sure his careful planning left enough room for him to truly get into the local food scene and enjoy the delicacies as much as possible. So far, the highlight would have to be the potatoes pulled straight from the garden!

5. He’s been behind the local curtain

Is there anything better than being taken on village tours and witnessing a newspaper printing house that still hand folds their issues? Experiencing the local culture in its purest form and enjoying each step of this journey, Jared has truly stepped in this project with both feet and all of his heart. Keep up with our blog for upcoming updates.

To donate, please visit The Circus Charity Page or contact Jared directly. We truly appreciate your generosity!