There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing your city through the eyes of someone else! And when you meet as many new people as we do every day, it gets mind-blowing. So many stories, so many comments, so many photos. We can’t keep up!

That is why we decided to organize a little competition. Well, we prefer to think of it as a chance to get to know you better and see the Berlin experience from your side of the lens. And by lens we mean your Instagram, of course.

What kind of photos, you ask? No limitations, we answer! Got a bathroom selfie with our acrobats? Caught your mate doing a terrible cover of Bon Jovi after way too many beers at karaoke? Ran into a swan at the canal? We want it all!

Sure, a sunset shot of Brandenburger gate is always nice, but we’ve seen that way too many times. What we really want to see are faces! Because landmarks we know, you we don’t. And there are no limits to the number of posts so go nuts, the more you send the more likely one will get chosen as a winner!

And last but no way least, to show you how much we appreciate your creativity and effort, we are rewarding the top 3 of you with up to 4 nights in one of our fancy new dorms. Because let’s face it, traveling is always more fun with your best friend!

Here’s how you participate:

  1. Go to @circus_berlin and follow us
  2. Tag us in your Berlin posts in September and October
  3. Tag your favorite travel buddy
  4. Get creative! You can post as many photos or videos as you like, the more the merrier!
  5. Winners will be announced on November 1st

We can’t wait to see your stuff! Now go out and get that winner shot!