It’s a big family we have here at The Circus. From Hostel and Hotel receptionists, to the Apartments concierge, bar&café staff and tour guides, a lot of people spend a lot of time here. Working in hospitality means there’s something going on all the time, and you need a team that can handle that kind of energy around the clock. Especially if you’re doing the night shift!

And it’s exactly one of our former late owls that’s getting some recognition today! Meet Jurgen, the tallest DJ in Berlin! Just kidding, but he is pretty tall. His official artistic name is Zwei12, and no, it’s not because of the 12” records. It’s because he is 212cm tall. Yup, we weren’t lying, he’s the kind of person who has no problem getting spotted in a crowd. But we’ll get to that later. Lucky for us, Jurgen’s late shift days are long over, and we didn’t have to wait for midnight to talk to him. These days you can find Jurgen manning the reservations desk of our Booking department, when he’s not spinning, that is.

But enough introduction, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s a peek behind Jurgen’s passion for playing music, how it all began and how it has evolved since.

  1. So, Jurgen, can you take us back to day one – when did Zwei12 meet the world?

It all started when me and 6 of my friends all turned 30 and decided to celebrate together. We rented Rummels Bucht and invited a lot of friends. At some point I decided it was my party and I want to play, and it turned into a massive success! 400 people filled the club, and we later found out that a festival organizer was in the crowd. He asked us to perform at a festival in Poland, and that’s pretty much it. After that, we played at a club in Warsaw and by the time we came back to Berlin I knew I was hooked.

  1. How did you get inspired to play in the first place?

I have a massive collection of music and DJ-ing came spontaneously. I love going out and it was always about the music. Being the one playing it only makes it more fun!

  1. And your favorite music is…?

Ugh, that’s an impossible question! Um…everything but RnB? [laughs]

  1. Do you produce your own music as well?

Yes, I’ve produced two tracks so far, two more and I’ll be able to release an LP and sign a label. But right now, I’m focusing on getting behind the technical side of it, learning as much as I can.

  1. What’s your favorite Berlin club?

Probably Golden Gate. And Rummels Bucht, of course, the place where it all started.

  1. Do you still go out a lot?

Not anymore, no. Unless I’m playing. I do go to a few festivals every once in a while. We played at the Plötzlich am Meer festival and that was amazing. We took the stage between the camp and the main area at sunrise when all the other stages were closed and ended up playing for a few thousand people!

  1. Any advice for future DJs out there?

Just start playing. The rest will happen. And check the height of club ceilings! I learned that the hard way…