If hospitality is being revolutionized, then gastronomy is carrying the torch! Remember a time when eating at your hotel’s restaurant meant having a mediocre meal in a room reserved for guests only? It feels so good to say that those days are o-ver! The last couple of years have shaken the concept of traveling to its core and it’s time for a new, gourmet-oriented chapter to begin.

Goodbye breakfast buffets, goodbye waiting in lines, goodbye schnitzel and fries!

That felt good! And now…a story. About a year and a half ago, as we were going through the last waves of cold that made our beards freeze and our noses run, something happened that made us forget all about the icy weather!

On February 17th 2017, Commonground officially joined The Circus Hotel in a gastronomic collaboration of epic proportions! With a party to match, of course. Uniting our hotel’s unique interior design with their unique approach to coffee, food and cocktails left us all with our jaws on the floor. Let’s just say it was the right decision…but not an easy one.

Before developing the Commonground concept, the owners of Silo Coffee (and Fjord Coffee Roasters) were primarily focusing on…you guessed it…coffee. And although their avo-toast will make you want to move in there, making the transition from a café to a restaurant doesn’t always turn out to be the right one.

But not with Commonground!

Because when it comes to Commonground, it seems like they couldn’t have picked a better name. Bringing together food, coffee, cocktails and just the right combination of hotel’s guests and Berlin locals, Commonground really is a common-ground for all who are looking for a unique gastronomical experience in Berlin Mitte!

And the best part? Every ingredient they use is locally and ethically produced, and most of their menu items literally can’t be found anywhere else! Like a cocktail that mixes gin and watermelon juice, or the blueberry mascarpone french toast. Ok, no more food talk, we’re getting hungry!

Ideally located ON (not around or close to) Rosenthaler Platz, Commonground is the ideal place to start, interrupt or finish your day in Berlin. With food being served until 4:30pm, you’ll never have to worry about sleeping in and missing breakfast again! And it’s open to anyone and everyone, so if you are a Berlin native (or pretending you are) don’t worry, you don’t have to be a guest to come in and enjoy the marvels. And if you are a guest of The Circus Hotel, you can enjoy the benefits of having reception reserve your table and give you access to a special, Circus guests-only, breakfast menu. It’s also a part of the lobby area so no need to set your foot outside. If you’re familiar with Berlin’s weather you’ll know how special that can be.

As for the staff of Commonground, it’s mainly a mixture of Australians and English, so you can save that hour on the plane trying to learn how to order your food in German and use it for more useful stuff. Like napping. And if you are German, worry not, they speak that too. Like we said, the names really fits them like a glove!

We gave you the location, we gave you the highlights, any more and we’d sound like a bragging mother! So let’s cut the talk and get to the good stuff. We’re eyeing the bacon, and you? You’re eyeing the giraffe, aren’t you?