Last Saturday had us moving time, marking our yearly effort to prolong summer as much as possible and fuel our denial of accepting the fact that winter really IS coming! Seems like yesterday that we were having those 10pm beers in the outdoor seating areas of bars enjoying the magic hour. Today it seems that just when we start relaxing into the day, the day is already gone. Scary, we know.

But that’s not the end of scary in October, because October ends in scary. Wrap your head around that! Yes, it’s Halloween we’re taking about, of course. And although not as big in Europe as it might be in the US, it’s still a night that you will definitely notice around Berlin. Ever witnessed Alexanderplatz Ubahn station at 11pm on Halloween? There isn’t a night in the year that uses that much make up! It’s also fun to see how creative people can get, and nothing beats sitting between a zombie and a ghost while looking like a dead bride yourself.

If you’re a local, chances are you’ll end up at someone’s home staining their glasses with fake blood dripping from your vampire teeth. But if you’re a visitor, this is a great opportunity to get to know Berlin in a slightly different atmosphere than usual. There are a lot of parties and events going on, so to help you with the tyranny of choice, here are a few suggestions from The Circus. We are assuming your starting point is our place, so we kept it local. Who wants to commute for a party in this cold?!

  1. Halloween in Kulturbrauerai

Literally translating to “Brewery of culture”, this beautiful compound really lives up to its name. With a cinema, two clubs and a yard that hosts everything from Food Truck Sundays to the annual Christmas Market, at Kulturbrauerai there is always something cultural brewing. Pun intended and lameness noted. And this year, like the last and the one before that, it’s home to the Halloween party. Main perks? Apart from the fact that it’s literally up the street from us (and three tram stops for you non-walkers out there) it has 10 floors and 20 artists, meaning something for everyone and anyone.

  1. Halloween in the Berlin Dungeon

On every other day it’s one of Mitte’s tourist attractions. On Halloween, it’s the source of your next nightmare! Travel back in time and revisit horrors that only mediaeval times could deliver. Think witch hunting, only this time it’s real and happening all around you. So, if you’re into getting your adrenalin fix repeatedly in one night, this show will definitely deliver!

  1. Dia de los Muertes at Kühlhaus

Ok, this one isn’t really as around the corner as we promised, but it’s still in our top 3 because who doesn’t love those skull faces! Honoring the famous Mexican tradition, Kühlhaus is the place to be for flowered skull faced and offer altars for the dead. It also marks the 250th birthday of Alexander Humboldt, and who knows, maybe 250 is the year he decides to pay us a visit. There’s only one way to find out!

4. And to make sure we are not forgetting those of you who are really NOT into any of this, you are more than welcome to come downstairs to our hostel’s bar and brewery and have a drink with us! You know Thursdays are for karaoke, if you’re into that…if not, you can also just watch people turn into Adele (or so they think after a few of our home brews). Either way you choose to spend the night at ours – fun is guaranteed!