Direct booking. Don’t you feel like you’re seeing it everywhere these days? Yes, us too, we know. But when things get this much attention, it has to be for a good reason. And today, we are here to share ours.

Because today, it’s not just about where you book, it’s also how you book that can really have an impact on your stay, wherever you are going… And booking direct is the way…you should want it that way. Enough Backstreet boys, read on.

We’ve written about this before. Booking direct is so much better for you. But we understand it’s not enough to just give you facts. We believe actions speak louder than words. Which is why, if you book direct through our website today, you’ll see our appreciation goes beyond a thank you or congratulations. There’s a reason we are called The Circus after all!

With three houses to choose from, we may offer three different experiences, but one thing unites them all. We never, ever, ever compromise on making your stay with us as unforgettable as possible. Here’s how we do it.

  1. The Hostel guests

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, there’s a few things you might want to prepare for. One is leaving the club at lunch time. The other is beer. You’ll see people drinking it literally everywhere, and with this heat, who can blame them? So, to help you cool off and unwind from the exhausting trip you just endured, we will reward your effort with a small bottle of beer when you check in. Is that a grin we see forming on your face…? We don’t blame you! All you have to do is remember that at The Circus Hostel, booking direct means a free beer at check in! Now do the dance.

  1. The Hotel and Apartments guests

Diversity is the mother of fun, wouldn’t you agree? And with the hostel hogging all the beer, we had to put our thinking hats on and come up with a solution that is just as appealing but not so…alcoholic. If you book your room (or apartment) directly at our Hotel (or Apartments), you’ll receive…a free lottery ticket! Where else can you check in as a guest and check out as a millionaire? Well, ok, chances are 1:16 000 000, but hey, you never know… Besides, it cost you nothing and it might win you everything, so we’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

And just to make sure we’ve covered all fronts, here are some more practical reasons to always always and once again, always, book directly through our website:

  1. Best price. Seriously, you won’t find a better offer.
  2. Best availability. Meaning more roms to choose from.
  3. No hidden booking fees. What you see is what you pay.
  4. Full flexibility. Go ahead, test us.
  5. Data protection. No spam coming your way.

Now if you’ll excuse us, those lottery tickets are just asking to be scratched! We own the place, what other perks do we get from that? Probably gonna use te bottle cap as the scratcher, save the time on cleaning nails… We’re totally up for sharing, you know what to do…