Summer has sprinted past us way too fast, as always, and we are slowly transitioning into September, the month when fall officially starts. We slowly start packing away our sandals, shorts and airy dresses as we look for other things to get excited about in the upcoming months. Which is why we are here today. So many of you have asked us about what to expect from the new makeover at The Circus Hotel that we decided to go ahead and give you the first three of many reasons to be excited about staying with us after the official reopening this winter.

So without further introductions, here are 3 things to get you excited about staying at The Circus Hotel this winter.

  1. The Air Conditioning you’ve been waiting for

Berlin sun in the last couple of years has gone from hot to scorching, and we’ve been collectively baking in it, helpless in the city known for the “altbau” style with no AC in sight….but no more! And being big on innovation and sustainability, we went above and beyond to find a solution that would cool us down while keeping our green efforts going strong. The revolutionary system we are installing relies on streams of cold water running through the ceiling, cooling the air from the top. That means no cold air spraining your neck and drying your throat, no drastic difference between inside and outside temperatures and no confusing remote controls. And did we mention only a handful of hotels has this system cooling their guests? You know we love trailblazing, so come over and join the ride!

  1. Birkenstock goes to bed

Yes, you read it right, we are bringing your favorite anatomical footwear to beds! What exactly does this mean? Imagine the comfort your feet enjoy in the famous shoes expanded to your entire body, giving you the kind of sleep quality you have been fantasizing about during your travels. Well, it’s finally here and we can’t wait to hear if you love it as much as we do. Why else would we spend months asking for your feedback during our bed-testing phase? It’s safe to say the whole project was developed by guests rather than for guests, although both somehow apply. We’d call that a win-win, wouldn’t you?

  1. We are bringing in some serious art

From handmade door handles to wall crafted art, you know you can expect nothing but groundbreaking from us! We’ve brought artists from France, went to all corners of Germany and spent countless hours on all the little things we know will make your stay so much more enjoyable and memorable. We don’t want to give away too much, though, it would ruin the effect, art is something meant to be experienced in person, not through a screen.

We’ll stop here, as we think 3 is enough, for now. Don’t go anywhere though, we’ll be making more special announcements before you know it, time is moving fast and our reopening is getting closer. So stay with us, we’ll rise and shine again!