At the Circus we take self care very seriously. We are ourselves seasoned travelers after all, so understand at an experiential level exactly what makes a trip life changing…and what makes a stay unforgetable: from the events on offer to the comfort of the rooms, the facilities in place and the services provided. It is due to this understanding that we are constantly adding more and more value to our hostel, hotel and apartments and it is what keeps you, our guests raving about your time with us and smilingly coming back for more.

In our last ‘importance of self care whilst traveling’ post we talked about how travel, no matter how wonderful and awe-inspiring, can actually be quite an assault on the senses – especially in a city like Berlin which moves at a rate of knots. We highlighted how important it is to start the day right and prepare yourself for all that is to come, and proudly re-introduced our bi-weekly iconic rooftop vinyasa yoga classes.

Now, of course we understand ones idea of self care is completely different to anothers, so with this in mind, we are delighted to announce our new Breakfast in Bed service at the Circus Hotel, provided by in-house cafe Commonground, and headed up by Silo’s Morgan Love.

Commonground is quickly becoming the king of brunch spots in Berlin. This week Commonground was again celebrated for their tantalising breakfast options, this time in Berlin online lifestyle journal, Stil in Berlin.

With creative, delicious and instagram worthy options, they tick all the breakfast boxes and get bonus points for their convenient all day breakfast – ideal if you are sampling Berlin’s relentless nightlife scene during your stay.

We are already incredibly proud of our breakfast options, including the legendary breakfast brunch buffet available in the Circus Hostel, but we are certain that this little extra considered option will make the world of difference to those previously unfortunate breakfast dodgers who have perished thanks to early airport dashes or sacrifitial cosy and dozy lie-in’s. It is also ideal for those looking for a high quality take-away option if they are planning exscursions or fancy breakfast al fresco in nearby Weinbergsweg Park.

Order before 10pm at reception to have your breakfast delivered at your preferred time and left outside your door, for your privacy.

Choose from: sour dough sandwich with ham and cheese or homemade granola with chia seeds and joghurt, both accompanied by a piece of fruit and orange juice.

Both options cost €9 and a vegan granola option is available upon request.