If you think bar quizzes and trivia nights are an Aussie thing only…think again! We have 53 people proving you wrong. Our Quiz Night launch was packed and we couldn’t be happier! And, as it goes with most launch events, it’s the opening night that determines its future. It goes without saying the future of this one is looking as bright as the brains that made it happen! Here’s a few details to show you why we think Tuesday is about to become the busiest night at The Circus Microbrewery.

The Beer

Those of you who know us know our taps. Something’s always brewing behind the curtain! So it goes without saying that a big part of any night we have is, of course, the beer. And today, Karaoke Thursdays and Live Music Fridays are finally getting a baby sibling! And what better way to celebrate the birthday of the new regular than with beer! The proud parents are feeling generous so if you come by on a Tuesday night, not only will you get to exercise your neural pathways, you can do that with a liter of our house beer for only 5€! Do we need to say more? Oh yeah…

The Prizes

What’s a trivia night without prizes? A failure, that’s what! And nobody likes a failure, so to reward your brain for all the hard work, and also to get those motivational juices flowing, we have a very nice prize concept in store. Meet The Money Pot. No, it’s not an actual pot and there’s no Winnie the Pooh waiting to smother you in hugs. It’s even better! At the beginning of the night, all participants put 1€ in the said pot. Then they play. At the end, when the winner is announced, the fun starts. We place three papers with prizes on them inside the pot. One of the papers has the money pot on it. The winner pulls a paper out. If they get the paper with the pot, they split all that’s inside.


If the winning team does NOT pull out the paper with the money pot, things get interesting. Everything that’s inside the pot moves on to the next Quiz Night. Think of it as a snowball effect. So, each time some other prize is pulled, the money accumulates. The more times it survives the fuller it gets…you get the picture. The possibilities are endless! Add that to the beer bargain and you’ll get why at The Circus Microbrewery, Tuesday is the new Friday!

Now go get your team together and show us what you’re made of!