There are many reasons people love visiting Berlin. It is a city probably best known as the place where you can be who you are without being judged and where love breaks all barriers, stigmas and stereotypes! In Berlin, love really is love and we love seeing its many shapes and forms all around us on a daily basis. And although we are not big fans of stereotypical cheesiness and celebrations, there is something that we cannot imagine Valentine’s day without.


Photo credits: Cafe Neundrei


In the last couple of years, eating in Berlin seems to have redefined the phrase “guilt-free” and we are here to help you navigate through the endless options for vegan desserts and narrow your decision down to 4 choices. Why 4?  Because 3 is a cliché and Berlin doesn’t do clichés, now does it?

To make things even better, we teamed up with Sarah K. Perry, the winner of this year’s Berlin Writing Prize (you might remember her from our most recent post about the competition). She spent the entire month of January as a resident of The Circus Hotel and in-between long hours of working on her novel, she ventured out and explored our wonderful neighborhood. Today, we are giving you a snippet of her favorites, focusing, of course, on vegan cakes.

Photo credits: Cafe Neundrei


  • Working on such a big project must be a hard task, surely you took some breaks! What was your favorite way to unwind after writing for hours on end?

“I’m told afternoon coffee and cake is the German way and I’m a big believer in embracing local traditions, not least because I was so on board with taking near-daily cake breaks. I’m vegan, so my cafe choices were informed by good options for me, as well as amazing coffee.”

  • Sounds like a great plan, tell us more!

“My favourite spot within a short walk of the hotel was Cafe Neundrei, where the chocolate strawberry cheesecake was so good I had it twice! There were lots of savoury options there too for people without a sweet tooth and would make a good lunch or breakfast spot.”

Located right next to the historical Hackescher Markt, Café Neundrei makes for an excellent stop on your daily exploring route of Mitte and a perfect way to refuel! Not to mention their dessert creations look just as good as they taste!

Photo credits: Cafe Neundrei


  • Wow, looks amazing. Are there any other highlights we should know about?

“I also loved the entirely vegan menu at Be Sweet, where every cake was a true work of art and the barista’s coffee advice was spot on.”

Nothing beats that combination, we say, what’s a piece of cake but half of a love story? Located in the middle of beautifully peaceful Kollwitzkietz, Be Sweet is a must-visit for vegans when in the area.

Photo credits: Be Sweet


  • Ok, that’s two amazing options, but surely you have more for us in store!

“The chocolate tart at Du Bonheur was sensational and I had an exceptional decaf with my banana bread, recommended by the friendly staff at Archetyp.”

Photo credits: Archetyp Berlin


Another Kollwitzkietz spot (because when in Rome…), Archetyp is an ideal spot for that home-baked-with-love cakes you can simply never have enough of, and Du Bonheur is the spot for artisanal cakes just above Rosenthalerplatz (the square we call home) on Brunnenstrasse, and just in case you were curious about that tart…

Photo credits: Du Bonheur


We did our part, now it’s your turn to go taste testing and give us feedback, we’re dying to know which ones you liked best! And when you’re done with the sweet stuff, pop over to The Circus Hostel Microbrewery and try our Valentine’s day drink special, it’ll have you falling love with beer all over again!