We like to make things easy for you here at the Circus, so our guest don’t need to waste their time, sorting  things out. And to make things even easier, we’ve teamed up with Visit Berlin, Berlin’s office for tourism. Why? Our hostel manager Jim explains:

These days we all travel differently. When I was young, carefree and happy, I just used to rock up. That is how I ended up in Cuba, with nowhere to stay, no money, no credit card, my bank card for the ATM did not work due to the US embargo, and no way to change my flight.

My last hope: hunting down the Thomas Cook office for a money transfer.  The office in Havana was manned by a very nice lady whose only job was to say “We don’t do that because of the embargo”. Up the sh*t creek without a paddle springs to mind*.

These days, and it has nothing to do with being older or wiser, I plan a bit better as I don’t get the opportunities to travel like I used to. So planning is now part of the fun and increases the anticipation. Either way, for the planner or the non-planner, the new tickets service in conjunction with the Berlin tourist office VisitBerlin which is available at the receptions allows you to purchase tickets for billions of museums, and tours when you are here.

Easy? I would say yes. Just ask at the reception!


*And how did you get out of this tight spot, Jimbo? A friend of mine was owed 700US dollars by a Cuban. A sum of money that was unheard of back then (and probably still is). Lets just say it is a very long story.


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