With so many places to see and things to do in Berlin, we have tried to whittle things down for you by creating a list of some of our favourite organisations doing things a little bit differently around the city.

Brewers Berlin Tours

One of the top tour companies in Berlin that leads daily explorations of our city from our reception at The Circus Hostel.


Slow Travel Berlin

A travel blog about Berlin, that also organises some excellent tours and workshops, with beautiful writing and photography.


Kalaa Berlin

During our rooftop summer yoga sessions at the hotel, Kalaa Berlin take our guests through a dynamic yoga practice that’s suitable for all levels. They also have their own studio nearby.


Cabaret Berlin

Cabaret has always had a special place in Berlin and this tour group organises tours around Schöneberg all in the style of the late 1920’s, as they retrace the steps of Christopher Isherwood, the author of the famous novel Goodbye to Berlin.


Berlin Music Tours

Another fun alternative tour that organises David Bowie Walks and takes guests to the Hansa Studios, where greats like Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, and Nick Cave recorded.


Context Travel

A tour company that focuses on private guided tours and small tour companies. An excellent way to engage with local experts.


Bite Berlin

The perfect foodie tour. Bite Berlin does food tours around the city that incorporate the city’s culture and tradition bite size form!