There’s a tiny miracle happening right now in Berlin, we’re not sure if you’ve noticed. For the last month and a half Berlin has been witnessing a unique and rare phenomenon…a proper summer! You can recognize the shock on locals’ faces as they run for sunscreen lotions and umbrellas, not sure how to tackle this never-before-seen amount of vitamin D hitting them straight in the face. Let us tell you, it’s chaos all over the city, with tan lines, bikinis and flip flops (oh my!) covering every park, square and river bank.

As for us, after the initial shock and utter disbelief that this beautiful sun is not just a teaser of a summer we won’t be having (as was the case last year), and finishing our joyful dance, it was time to make use of this wonderful weather. So we called our friends from KALAA Yoga Berlin and asked if they’d be up for repeating the epic rooftop yoga section of events @The Circus from last year.

They clearly said yes (or you wouldn’t be reading this post) and we are beyond excited to officially announce the start of another Rooftop Yoga @The Circus season! Starting next Monday, you can join the morning flow with Manu from KALAA and start your day in the best possible way. They say the first hour of your day determines the mood for the rest of it, and can you imagine a better way to kick off your day than enjoying an invigorating yoga session with a spectacular view over Berlin Mitte?

Neither can we.

Mats are included, so don’t worry about scrambling to find one (or drag it all the way up), and at 8€ per person it’s almost half the price of what regular classes cost. As for the level, all poses practiced have variations that adapt to your level of strength, flexibility and endurance. Just ask Jim, our Hostel Manager, who participated in the first ever Yoga @The Circus event back in 2016. He’s the one wearing a Manchester United shirt and looking completely and utterly lost. Love it!

Now unite the first and second photo and you’ll get an accurate idea of what it’ll look like in the sunny year of 2018.

By now it’s almost redundant to say the whole thing is a win-win kind of situation, and the only catch is that you have to be a guest. Which makes all the more reason to finally make that Berlin trip you’ve been planning forever happen! Make it a couple days longer and you’ll get to enjoy other fun stuff we do here, like drinking our home brewed beer while singing karaoke, joining one of our exclusive Behind The Curtain tours or discovering Berlin’s ice cream scene with our staff.

Because we believe wellness goes beyond the mat. Being in the right place at the right time with the right people is what makes the best memories, and we try hard to help you create them! Whether your Berlin trip has been planned, is being planned or will be planned, you know what to expect if you stay with us!

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