It’s been almost ten days since the World Cup kick-off. Ten hot days packed with beer, TV screens and noisy cheers. Yes, we will say it…World Cup is in the air! Street lights are regulating non-existent traffic, a few bikes whizz by occasionally, restaurants are selling more drinks than food… It looks like it, it sounds like it, and yes, it definitely feels like it! F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L.

If you’ve been a guest of our Hostel in the last two weeks you might have noticed a monstroucity of a chart hanging in the lobby. And you probably got closer and tried to decypher it. And you probably failed. Here’s why. The names don’t belong to any of the players from any of the teams. They belong to our staff. Yes, we organized a little competition and go figure, we are giving you a sneak peek!

As a place where football comes right after our guests’ happiness, you can imagine the excitement spreading around The Circus before the World Cup even started! One of our owners took it to the extreme and biked all the way to Moscow to witness everything firsthand, and even created a diary-blog for it! If that doesn’t explain the passion we have for football here, we don’t know what would…

But before he left for his epic road-trip, Andreas sat down with a few of our other football loving colleagues and drafted a sophisticated, detail-oriented chart to make sure we’re keeping everything neatly organized like we oughta! Curious to see it in action? Here you go:

From surprisingly great performance from Japan to unexpected 5 goals Russia scored against Saudi Arabia, it’s really fun to see who predicted what, and how we are ranking against each other today. With gut feeling behind the wheel of most predictions, and suspense in the air as thick as the morning fog in Scottish Highlands, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and see how we’re doing so far.

The official ranking goes like this. We are aware that the names mean next to nothing to most of you, but for those of you who know, you’ll know…

  1. Tilman                                   38 points
  2. Toga                                       34 points
  3. James                                    33 points
  4. Morgan                                 32 points
  5. Marc                                       29 points
  6. Milton                                    31 points
  7. Simon B.                                30 points
  8. Melanie                                  29 points
  9. Pauline                                   29 points
  10. Diegel                                    28 points


As for the chart, here’s what it looks like after ten days of scores and misses. We especially like the color coordinated scores. If you’re curious to know what they mean, green is for guessing the exact score and pink is for guessing the winning team. If you guessed the exact score that wins you 3 points, and the winning team gets you one. Which brings us to the bottom of this beautiful chart.

If you’re not a football expert by now, we don’t know if you’ll ever be! Just kidding, but now you know what the World Cup looks like at The Circus. And we’d be thrilled to have you join us for the games, we’re playing them all at our bar downstairs. Best part? We’ve got craft IPA on tap that we brewed in collaboration with The Sisters Brewery from Utrecht. Life is good these days…